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Wheelie bin aquaponic system challenge.
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Author:  Delgrade [ Apr 8th, '07, 22:15 ]
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Author:  MCPHRO [ Apr 12th, '07, 17:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wheelie bin aquaponic system challenge.

I like it Aqua... much neater too...

Until we move, i think its my best bet for a home system, and ive got to make it cheap. So im on the lookout for a very cheap/ free wheelie bin atm...

Author:  johnnie7au [ Apr 13th, '07, 00:46 ]
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May we extend the dates on this?

See what happens?

Author:  Live Beyond [ Jun 5th, '07, 15:24 ]
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Is the 'Wheelie Bin Challenge' still on?

Author:  johnnie7au [ Jun 24th, '07, 20:31 ]
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Um ... can we postpone the closing date?

I am thinking that there are aome really great wheelie bin ideas posted...

No real competition without a few more entries though, and in the good natured spirit of this community, maybe no-one will object to an extension?

Meanwhile I am learning of the advantages and disadvantages of wheelies.

If we make the closing date DEC 31 2007 would be good for me!

Just a suggestion...

This site has such a relaxed, friendly and happy vibe! I think extending the closing date won't be a prob. Will encourage a few more ideas maybe?

Can we have two categories?

A) Built systems .. up and running.

B) Ideas for systems not yet built.

Rupert just showed me the prize!

A nine dollar plastic miniature wheeliebin!

Best wishes to all.


Author:  earthbound [ Jun 24th, '07, 20:54 ]
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Sounds good Johnnie.. Till the end of the year then... :)

Damn it you found me out.. As soon as I say Rupes link I bought some.. I'll mount them with an engraved plaque for the winners.. :D

Author:  TimC [ Jun 24th, '07, 20:58 ]
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I have no objection to the end of the year. I would love to make something but just don't have the time atm....

Author:  johnnie7au [ Jun 24th, '07, 21:04 ]
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OK .. EB .. I will pay for the micro bins and the cost of the engraving .. postage etching etc...

I have an engraving tool, some pigeons and some spray paint!


Author:  aquamad [ Jun 24th, '07, 21:42 ]
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hmm, our wheelie bin system came to an end today - the temp fluctuations were too great :( Refer to my thread later this week for more details :) )

Author:  johnnie7au [ Jun 24th, '07, 21:45 ]
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Hi Mate ..

I used bubble wrap.. had tropicals in there on VERY cold nights ... no probs so far...

Author:  julien [ Jun 25th, '07, 04:54 ]
Post subject:  More time to win

Great. More time to prove the value of my system so that I can win the contest. Thanks everyone

This is where I keep the progression of my entry to this contest. ... php?t=1703

Author:  MCPHRO [ Sep 16th, '07, 21:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wheelie bin aquaponic system challenge.

Ok, here is my official addition to the challenge...

Here is my final design for what I want when I move to Cairns...

1 Wheelie bin 1/2 dug into the ground.. Lid lockable...

4 * 1/2 Barrel growbeds on a frame, all loop syphoned back into wheelie bin...

Timings: 15 min fill cycle, 45 rest - 240v pump... + Timer

Points: Easy straight pump and drain, simple setup, no mucking around with hoses etc, cost... Down here Wheelie bin (2nd hand) $20.00, what can I get barrels for?, pump $50.00, spare wood or Bunnings non-structural pine cheap, use garden hose for hoses...

I might even go flood and drain instead of loop syphons.. I just like the simplicity of them, and they make sense...


wheelie 2.jpg
wheelie 2.jpg [ 59.73 KiB | Viewed 15114 times ]
wheelie 1.jpg
wheelie 1.jpg [ 59.61 KiB | Viewed 15105 times ]

Author:  Dicko [ Oct 1st, '08, 16:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wheelie bin aquaponic system challenge.

I've never been one for CAD drawings,
I find it much quicker to build something and photograph it :?

The competition is probably over by now, but I had the bits, and some free time... You know the senario...

In with some gravel, and we're done

(The bin is actually the rubbish bin at work, I've got a fresh one for the fish.)

P9240046.JPG [ 84.78 KiB | Viewed 14044 times ]
P9240045.JPG [ 102.22 KiB | Viewed 14048 times ]

Author:  Outbackozzie [ Oct 1st, '08, 16:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wheelie bin aquaponic system challenge.

So shiny :shock: But a few points:

The holes in the filling pipe will need to be at least 6mm - preferably 8mm. Cant tell if they are from the photo, trust me they will block if small.

The standpipe guard really needs to be able to be rotated to chop roots off that try and invade.

otherwise, what a sweet looking setup :cheers:

Author:  fishlips [ Oct 1st, '08, 17:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wheelie bin aquaponic system challenge.

sorry if i sound a bit nieve but i didnt think wheelie bins are made from food grade plastics.
if so it may be the for me to go as i have lots of them lieing around .

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