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How to expand?
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Author:  Speedster [ Feb 17th, '19, 13:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to expand?

scotty435 wrote:
That's a good question and I'm not absolutely certain of the answer. For short power outages of a day or less it's probably not going to make much difference. If the beds are designed to drain then I'd drain them, if not then I'd leave them full.
If or is going to be of for a couple of hours over the hot post of the day then my guess is it would be best to have the media bed at least partially filled to prevent the plants from drying out. In this case the weep hole is totally unnecessary as draining the beds would damage the plants

Author:  scotty435 [ Feb 18th, '19, 04:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to expand?

Most systems don't completely drain even with the weep hole (There will be an inch or two of water) so you won't be leaving the roots totally dry but the media does get hot. If it's going to be really roasting hot, then it might be good to leave the water level higher and let evaporation cool the surface a bit. If you're concerned about root rot and want to keep it aerated, just hook up an air pump and aerate the grow bed.

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