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Keeping your tank clean and algae “free”
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Author:  Aquaphonics [ Sep 7th, '19, 09:38 ]
Post subject:  Keeping your tank clean and algae “free”


So I’m trying to get my tank in place for an indoor aquaponics system. But I’m now concerned about algae and general tank cleaning being a time suck. I was hoping aquaponics was going to help eliminate a lot of the cleaning time but I’m getting the sense that’s not true.

How much time do most people spend doing tank cleaning and maintenance? What routine do you follow?


Author:  scotty435 [ Sep 11th, '19, 23:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Keeping your tank clean and algae “free”

Reducing the light levels goes a long way toward getting rid of the algae and that's what I'd do. If that won't work then use a UV sterilizer to kill the free floating algae. FYI - It's normal to have a bio-slime coating on the sides of the tank and this is usually a brownish color - don't clean it off. This bio-slime also coats inside the pipes.

I occasionally sweep the bottom of the tank to flush solids from the tank toward the grow beds/filtration (using a dedicated broom so it doesn't have anything else on it). Leaves getting into the tank might require you to clean the outflow. If the grow beds are getting clogged with too many solids then I'll disconnect them and flush them with water (non chlorinated if possible since chlorinated will kill the bacteria). If you aren't heavily stocked and don't overfeed then these take very little time. It's usually years between grow bed cleanings and using the broom on the fish tank is maybe once a month - takes all of 10 minutes.

Using other types of filters (other than grow beds) adds additional cleaning time. You might wind up using a half day per month but probably less.

Author:  arbe [ Sep 13th, '19, 04:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Keeping your tank clean and algae “free”

Cover water where it is exposed to light.
Do not over feed.
Barley straw will also help with algae.

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