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PostPosted: Dec 15th, '18, 22:11 

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Hello guys, I would like to apologize if my English is not really good. I am an Arab Aquaponics practitioner :headbang:

Well it is true guys, a few months into our new systems (Normally 2-3 months) while we are trying our best maintaining optimum water and growing conditions for our plants we suddenly start noticing all king of nutrition deficiencies and problems, plants seems to die off curly greens and drying plants??!!?? trust me 95% of Aquaponics farmers are doing exactly the same mistake over and over again, and what ever we are trying to do it seems not working, we add Potassium Iron Calcium wood ash etc.. problems getting worst and worst where we go all around the internet trying to find out a solution

Here is the problem

most of us are trying to maintain pH from 6.2 - 7 by adding hydrated lime (Calcium Hydroxide) of using Calcium carbonates or KOH ETC. and before we know it we will have a VERY high level of Calcium OR Potassium levels in our systems as we all know both Calcium and Potassium had to be the same levels in our systems since the plants cannot make a deferent between them, I was have a Potassium Def Symptoms as well as Excess Calcium Symptoms as well. I just purchased ARI Calcium level fresh water test kit, and guess what lol I discovered I had 550 PPM Calcium in my system that was causing all my problems. I did 20% water chance once every 2 weeks now and my plants seems more happy now.

what I was trying to say is we have to start buying Calcium and Potassium level water test kits in order to maintain ideal level of both since those two minerals can cause a lot of damage into the water if level went so high without us noticing while trying to maintain a good pH range noting that Ideal Ca and K Level should be 10.7 – 82.1

The Best method for me maintaining a steady pH level of 6.4 - 6.8 is to create a denitrification Tank where it is full of bio media and air stones that you can turn on and off as needed where we can create and anaerobic zone that can both lower our Nitrate levels and Increase of pH slowly, ALONG with adding hydrated Lime as well is smaller quantities to avoid this very common problems.

Please let me know if any of you guy had similar issue before (or maybe now) and if there is a way of lowering Ca Level in the water without making water change and wasting all the other good stuff


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PostPosted: Dec 16th, '18, 07:40 
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Well it depends. For example in my case i'm struggling to have MORE calcium because my city water doesn't have any.
It depends the water you use to fill your system the first time, and the water you use to top-off. that's why there is no magic formula about which minerals to add and in what amounts. It all depends on the type of system, type of plants, amount of plants, water used to top-off, fish feed used, etc.

If you have too much minerals in your city water try finding another source like reverse osmosis water, or simply rain water.

But i agree every aquaponicist should have a calcium, magnesium and potassium test. (If you measure gH and Mg you can get Ca value with a calculation).

My system, 500 Gallons in a tropical climate :

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