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Custom indoor aquaponics system (Houston)
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Author:  TheLorax [ Sep 16th, '17, 06:13 ]
Post subject:  Custom indoor aquaponics system (Houston)

I got into aquaponics a year ago and built a frame to hold two 2x3 grow beds on top of my 55 gallon tank. I'm now having to move since my apartment complex flooded (not my unit though). So I'd rather let someone who is trying to start a sytem take it instead of just selling the fish stuff and trashing the aquaponics stuff.

System includes 55 gallon glass tank, stand, Eheim 2217 filter (used as a pump and attached to growbeds with custom tubing, Finnex Fugeray 48inch LED light for fish tank, as well as a custom wooden frame that holds two 2x3 foot grow beds that are filled with growstones and plumbed as constant flood beds. The frame is two parts, the detachable top part is made to hang two grow lights about 24" above the grow beds. Grow lights are two Hydroplanet HO T5 8 bulb units with all bulbs working, including hangers. One is 24" and the other is 48", for a total 6 square feet of grow area. I was able to grow kale very successfully, as well as cherry tomatoes, although I was planning on switching to dwarf plants since the vines were not ideal for only 24 vertical inches.

I can include new pool filter sand, which is what I used in the fish tank as media. I had African cichlids but you can use whatever. I can also include driftwood and holey rock.

Entire system for $500. It's not the prettiest thing, but it works for growing veggies indoors with nothing added but chelated iron and fish food. Pretty cool to be able to use your living room cichlids for aquaponics.

I also have a separate Fluval FX6 filter I had recently attached to help keep the tank clean for sale for an additional $180, and this tapwater filter I was using to avoid having to use dechlorinator: ... UTF8&psc=1

I'm willing to part ways with the Hydrologic filter for another $50.

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Author:  IDL [ Dec 7th, '17, 05:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom indoor aquaponics system

Good lord, those filters are expensive...

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