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Hi everyone. I’m an Aussie in Malaysia who got to tinkering with aquaponics. After a cute little system I built (learning by doing), I sourced the best local materials, and then after 9 months of build I ended up with the system shown here. It’s a large Aquaponics system, in excess of 14,000L water volume, and all contained inside a fully enclosed custom made greenhouse. I’m actually selling it and freight is included in the price. I think the community should be able to verify it’s a good deal. It’s on ebay at this link: ... SwerRbkUOX

I’m selling as I helped get 2 more projects going that also took 9 months to build, though the wife did the hard work with those and I did the work for this ; ) Needless to say I no longer have the energy or time to play in water gardens with a toddler and baby at home.

The System has current configuration of 1 x1HP pump and 1 x2HP pump on a pump station manifold. Pumps have 1-way valve protection against cavitation and are operated by a programmable control box. Control box has fault-sensitive pump switching, is programmable to auto switch station (generally set at 4 hrs) to preserve pump life, has low level sump water protection shutdown via probe, and has system manual override at a flick of a switch. An alarm light activates in the event of an issue. Control box also has surge protection, short protection and safety switch, along with a grounding wire and block.

The easy to disconnect pump manifold allows for adjustable power usage in proportion to fish stocking density or plant needs. For low fish stocks 1HP pump for an hour on; an hour off, is the economical option (Affnan-type bell siphons continue to slowly leak out Grow Bed water, so GB doesn’t get stagnant while still maintaining some water movement in round fish tanks, while air pumps take care of fish’s oxygen needs.)
The system has battery back-up air and water pumps on the fish tanks. System has piped air to fish tanks and to DWC tanks via vortex blower.

Current configuration involves Fish tanks, sump and pumping station in a ‘basement’ below the grow beds. This was done as it maximized the available space and utilized an unused old in-ground pool. Only pre-filtered water is fed to fish tanks, i.e. no dirty draw off from fish tanks; or sump water, is returned to the fish tanks without first going through the filtration systems.

Greenhouse structure
39’x22’x9’ (main frame) + 16’x7’x8’ (elevated rear section) fully enclosed, secure galvanized Greenhouse. Max roof height 12.5’ at centre. Sides enclosed with weatherproof wire mesh under agri grade pest exclusion netting.

Roof covered with SMIC-0153 high quality greenhouse plastic made tough for extreme conditions. Roof and side coverings affixed using SMIC spring bracket system. Vented roof design to allow heat to escape. Hanging custom made arbor for vining plants to grow over.
Inlet water purifier consisting of 1 x sediment cartridge and 3x carbon cartridges. Programmable inlet valve timer (frequency and duration open).

The system has decorative colour LED’s as well as standard LED lighting and café style lighting over the dining table. Lights can be used separately, per area and function. There is wiring and timing/manual controls for four fans (fans not supplied). Also has weatherproof speakers and CD/MP3/Radio.

The paint used on wooden support structures is non-toxic. All white paint used is Water potable & plant box safe Pentens T100. The timber decking floor was painted with Sequoia non-toxic paint.
External garden hose connection to water outside plants with aquaponic water
Weatherproof outdoor power sockets

Grow beds
4x 8’x4’x1’ Deep Water Culture (DWC) Beds. Foam insulated base and sides and supported on heavy duty stands for a comfortable gardening height. In 2 rows of 2 beds. One row has optional auto-timed/manual LED Grow lights above.

Was using untreated ply, sealed with Pentens T100 as my suspended rafts, with about ¾ to an inch of air space between the raft and water surface.

6 x 8’x4’x1’ Flood and Drain Grow beds. Foam insulated base and sides and on heavy duty stands. System keeps about 17 min Flood&Drain cycles. Filled with approximately ¾” pH stable granite gravel, all hand sifted through sieves and washed onsite prior to original startup.

3 x 5’x2.5’x8” Seedling/Duckweed beds. 2 beds have optional auto-timed/manual LED Grow lights.

14 x Vertical Grow Towers on a heavy duty wall rack, complete with integrated drainage pipe. Towers are assorted in design to offer flexibility and variety while growing without crowding. Towers are either 7 or 14 hole. Towers are easily removed by hand tight wing-nuts on D shackles. Holes are 2” and can take a net pot or the tower can be filled with LECA and direct planted. An unfinished project, I had planned to use the Aeroponics equipment also listed here, to draw from the nearby box filter via attaching a 120micron aeroponics filter. Towers however work fine, I used them in my first little system.

Bio filter
1 x 5’x3’x2.5’ Bio filter with Matala food grade poly pads.
1 x 5’x2.5’x2’ Bio filter with Matala food grade poly pads.

2 x 160L HDPE drum filters as pre-filter to sump for reducing fish waste. Aiding control of nitrogen balance when system heavily stocked with fish. Also reducing waste load on gravel beds; getting just enough fish poo in there to keep worms happy and to add minerals in a balanced manner – not mucky roots from overloaded beds.
Bio filters rest on heavy duty rubber mat

Fish tanks

2 x 6’ diameter x 3.5’ Round Fish Tanks. Tanks have removable Polycarbonate lids. Tanks are sloped bottom to drain and piped with Solids Lifting Overflows into sump. Tanks have a high level additional overflow and a High High overflow. For whatever reason, though it never happened and seems unlikely, if the main drain was blocked the system can continue working without overflowing the fish tanks.
These round fish tanks are currently piped to maintain a river-like environment. Tank water maintains a constant base-line height, but the influx of drain water is set against the drainage system to create an environment where the water levels rise about 10” over a few minutes, then falls again to base-line. This gives a varied water height and circulation speed in the round fish tanks, from a quicker moving high water to a lower water that sits very gentle for a few minutes at bottom of cycle; more akin to traversing a river system (I’ve assumed). The High Overflow comes online during the water level peak heights. At any rate the river fish I have raised were ‘happy eaters’ when in there.

1 x 8’ diameter x 3.5’ Round Sump tank with removable polycarbonate lids. Pump station draws directly from this tank but I kept fish in here also without a problem. There is lots of water movement, fast volume changeover and aeration by splashing.

1x 8’x4’2.5’ Square fish tank. Piped for constant water level, gentle moving current. This tank was a 2nd hand purchase and the only thing in the entire system not installed new.
Fish tanks rest on heavy duty rubber mat


2 x 2HP Grundfos Wave (240v) water pumps. (System can run on 2HP or 1HP or a mix of both. 2HP allows for additional use of system water outside of the greenhouse like watering a soil garden through 30’ of hose, or expanding the system, though I decided I had enough to do in there and enough veggies.)
1 x 1HP Onga (240v) water pump
1 x 1HP Tsurumi (240v) submersible pump
5x 12V Rule 500GPH bilge pumps
1 x Airspec vortex blower 2840L/m 400kW (3 phase)
2x HAP80 HAILEA 240V/80W air pumps.
1 x HAP 100 HAILEA 240V/100W air pump
1 x 12V Resun 68L/m air pump.
1x 24V Resun 115L/m air pump
2 x 12V HAILEA 140L/m pumps

3 x 12V ‘normally closed’ solenoids (for aeroponics water feed line)
2 x 12V ‘normally open’ solenoids (for aeroponics water draining at end of line)
1 x Aeroponics control box. SESTOS programmable timer (currently set as 5 seconds on, 5 minutes off). Mains power stepdown transformer to 12V. Switching relay/ Battery back-up ready. Fused.
3 x 12V High Pressure aeroponics water pumps

Battery Back-up
4x 12V batteries for back-up systems
2 x battery back-up system boxes (relay switch and battery charging/monitoring). Chargers are Projecta AC250B 1600mA 2-stage

Intergrated Compost Tea Maker

Custom made integrated 160L compost tea maker with large ‘Heavy Harvest’ compost tea bag.
Teamaker’s water volume is gently turned over using an inbuilt airlift pump running off of system air, but the HAP 100 air pump connected to the custom air manifold delivers loads of aeration great for maximizing brew microbe growth directly in and around the tea bag. Can draw off from teamaker’s tap or flush compost tea direct to system. No mess or fuss. It is also a good place to dose nutrients like Seaweed, Humic and Fulvic acid, potassium carbonate, lime, kieserite etc. It provides a drizzle speed of premixed nutrients that way to the sump, useful when keeping fish in there.

The majority of piping is safely hidden below timber decking floor or beneath grow beds. Piping is either HDPE or Unplasticised PVC for safe drinking water grade quality.
All piping is Sirim (a Malaysian Quality Standard) except for the grow towers which are a thinner pipe. All pipe is Binaplast manufactured and I was assured by their factory that the material in all their pipes is virgin uplasticised material, so the grow towers are of the same safe drinking grade quality in terms of material; it is their low pressure rating that means they are not Sirim certified. Low pressure pipe is fine for Grow Towers.
Pressured feed lines are Sirim HDPE, 2” for main lines and 1” for flood and drain beds, ¾” on the seedling/duckweed. Grow bed drains are 90mm Sirim HDPE piping. DWC water feed and drain lines are 2” Sirim HDPE piping. Square Fish Tank drain line is 65mm Sirim UPVC. Blower airline is 2” Sirim UPVC after passing through stainless steel 2” pipe to help cool the piped air by heat transfer with ambient air.

There’s loads of extras not mentioned here, as it’s not really relevant to the system design, but more maintenance equipment and spares. Please check out the link to ebay for additional photos and info.

Hanging Big Melons.jpg
Hanging Big Melons.jpg [ 243.7 KiB | Viewed 5339 times ]
filter and FT.jpg
filter and FT.jpg [ 200.01 KiB | Viewed 5339 times ]
DWC BokChoy.jpg
DWC BokChoy.jpg [ 253.11 KiB | Viewed 5339 times ]
Drain Map.jpg
Drain Map.jpg [ 125.88 KiB | Viewed 5339 times ]
feed Map.jpg
feed Map.jpg [ 124.75 KiB | Viewed 5339 times ]
hazza.jpg [ 223.22 KiB | Viewed 5339 times ]
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Note moved topic into different forum area because system is for sale.

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