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Ridley native fish pellets
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Author:  steve [ Sep 20th, '06, 17:38 ]
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read this topic GLR............... ... quin#11834

Author:  creative1 [ Sep 20th, '06, 17:43 ]
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I am hoping to do the home grown thing.
Making pellets thru a mincer with a blend of goodies sourced in the backyard.

Author:  EllKayBee [ Sep 20th, '06, 17:44 ]
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Grace Like Rain wrote:
.....why not approach any local aquariums/specialist stores that sell native fish......

GLR, I have done the rounds in Caboolture area, found one native fish outlet but doesn't stock Ridleys - have asked if they would but haven't been back for a reply att. 1 tonne bulk order kinda scares them off (don't blame them)

There is a place over on the southside (Sunnybank area I think), if you find another please post


P.S. there are some topics on producing your own nature food like maggots, worms, duckweed to add some variety including some ingenious ways of trapping/growing these

Grace, just noticed I had your initials the wrong way round - changed

Author:  steve [ Sep 20th, '06, 17:51 ]
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on the mincer thing trial with this led me to belive that i would need to modify the mincer so the cutting blades were on the OUTSIDE of the die. The cut feed tend to re-bind with the pressure through the die and form noodles .

Better still, leave the internal blades, and modify to have external blades too, the internal ones do a great job of mincing fish bones and yabbie shells.


Author:  Grace Like Rain [ Sep 20th, '06, 18:37 ]
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GD (is that your appropriate shortening?) - yes I know, chicken is muchos frightening... but I still eat it, though I try to source from hormone free sources at least.. organic is still soo expensive..

Ell - hmmm, have you tried any of the general produce places around.. they probably have existing contracts with ridleys? I can ask for you guys next time I go to the massive produce place that is in Capalaba. :)

Also, on the topic of pig grower pellets... horse grower pellets (eg. something like breed'n'grow might have similar ratios) and no animal by products either (apparently illegal..). But I guess they wouldn't have enough protein for fish?

I thought I saw something in the Gardening Australia mag about using worms to feed as well?

Anyway, before I talk too much more I'm gonna go read that article you linked.. thanks Steve...

Author:  Grace Like Rain [ Sep 20th, '06, 18:45 ]
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Gah! Just read thread. Scarey the crap they put in food. I think it was most appropriately put...

"Don't expect other people making lots of money to care about your heath. "

hmmm... so the question is, how to create a convenient foodstuff that fulfills the fishes requirements without concentrating a whole bunch of crap in the cycle....

To the uni database I go...

PS. Why are you still sourcing the ridleys stuff if you have questions about ethoxyquin use? I guess there is no way around it for convenience?

Author:  creative1 [ Sep 20th, '06, 18:53 ]
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Thanks steve have tried just using a knife.(On the outside)
By the time their dry and in the bag they seem to crumble to appropriate sizes. Prolly 2-5 mm. Trying to stock up a bit before I start using them on er fish(to big for the goldies).

Author:  EllKayBee [ Sep 20th, '06, 19:02 ]
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Grace Like Rain wrote:
Why are you still sourcing the ridleys stuff if you have questions about ethoxyquin use? I guess there is no way around it for convenience?

I think one of the reasons is as a reliable backup source, 100 fish get dumped on you panic sets in - food, water fluctuations and any other little nasties that make the heart race, then slowly start introducing the green fodder and worms and settle into a routine.


Author:  steve [ Sep 20th, '06, 19:21 ]
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i'm not sourcing as activly now :shock:

How can I?

Author:  Grace Like Rain [ Sep 20th, '06, 19:23 ]
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Ell, that makes sense. :) When panic sets in with anything, a known variable (even if it's not the ideal) can seem heavensent!

Steve. I'm not sure if this helps but I have 'full-text' electronic access through UQ to 'Aquaculture Nutrition' journal. These are some of the types/titles of articles I can access the full text of... I did a quick search of this journal using key terms 'silver perch' (seem popular here) and 'requirements' (see below). Is this type of thing useful to you guys? If so let me know and I can email anyone the fulltext of them? (currently means nothing to me)...

Utilization of digestible nitrogen and energy from four agricultural ingredients by juvenile silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus

M.A. Booth, G.L. Allan

Aquaculture Nutrition
Volume 9, Issue 5, Page 317-326, Oct 2003


Carbohydrate utilization by juvenile silver perch, Bidyanus bidyanus (Mitchell). II. Digestibility and utilization of starch and its breakdown products

D A J Stone, G L Allan, A J Anderson

Aquaculture Research
Volume 34, Issue 2, Page 109-121, Jan 2003


Evaluation of silver perch (Bidyanus bidyanus, Mitchell) nutritional requirements during grow-out with high and low protein diets at two feeding levels

S Harpaz, H Jiang, D Sklan

Aquaculture Research
Volume 32, Issue 1, Page 57-64, Jan 2001

Author:  steve [ Sep 20th, '06, 19:27 ]
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yep! will talk more later :)

Author:  TimC [ Sep 21st, '06, 10:01 ]
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What about making flake fish food. Use a blender, get some fresh ingredients (veges, river prawns, squid), multi vitamin suppliments, seaweed extract and whatever else the plants are short on. Blend it up. Pour it onto a tray, dry in the sun/oven untill dry and flake up. As long as silvers will take flake, which I am sure they do you should be OK. I once made a batch up for my Ciclids years ago... they loved it. Just too much mucking around in small quantities. Just don't use the good blender or baking trays.

Author:  Grace Like Rain [ Sep 21st, '06, 10:22 ]
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Hey that sounds like a good idea TimC...

I love the ingenuity (spelling?) on this site! Its awesome!

Steve- lol I guess you aren't actively sourcing it hey? I guess I was confused about the two different threads and the different messages they appear to be sending? :) :)

Author:  creative1 [ Sep 21st, '06, 10:32 ]
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We have for years used a solar food dryer( vented glass box) looks like I will have to make a blend and whack it in there, when and if we get some sun.Possibly hidden from others eyes.hehe

Author:  TimC [ Sep 21st, '06, 11:25 ]
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I think from memory I used, river prawns, liver, fresh fish and seaweed. Blend it really thin (add water). Spread it about 5 mm on plastic trays. I put a sheet of glass over mine with a gap to allow moisture and air flow. I think I was thinking of using a couple of 12 V fans to circulate air and see if it dries faster. Don't make it too thick, it take too long to dry and turns out like jerky. Don't put anything in it that you wouldn't eat! Yum!.... just kidding!

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