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Strawberry roots looking bad
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Author:  soulchyld21 [ May 28th, '18, 01:46 ]
Post subject:  Strawberry roots looking bad

Hi, I have started my system a couple of weeks ago now and the strawberry plants seem to be dying one by one. I had a look today and the roots look nothing like the beans or tomato plant does. Any advice? I also suspect I have deficiencies, but am not sure what they are, I suspect potassium. Picture 3 is a bean plant just for a comparison on the roots.ImageImageImageImageImage

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Author: [ Jan 28th, '19, 09:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Strawberry roots looking bad

Hi, I had the same problem with lettuce and cabbages growing in NFT,the problem was insufficient filtration and low oxygenation of the roots due to the accumulation of fish waste on it. it is not necessarily a deficiency.
I can not answer without knowing the system in details.

Author:  Tonzz [ Jan 29th, '19, 18:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Strawberry roots looking bad

had strawbs growing in NFT, after wind smashed the system 3 times, I lost my cool, ripped out all the strawb and planted in growbeds,....wowzers the difference...for sale NFT tubes.

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