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How commercial are you?
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Author:  Damian [ Aug 25th, '17, 14:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: How commercial are you?

if you wanna go commercial besure to check this page and save a ton of money

Author:  TexasT [ Oct 13th, '17, 03:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: How commercial are you?

Ryan wrote:
Stuart Chignell wrote:
Ryan wrote:
And a quick example...
30 min down the road A head of Bibb sells for $1.50.
15 away they go for $2 ea
In town I sell at $4 ea
In Orlando (45min away)I sell at $5 ea
To a nice restaurant marketing the fact that they use a local producer and using my farm name to bring customers in the door can fetch $6/ head

I've got customers in Dallas selling regularly at $6-7 per head

The point is prices change and the labor is the same... You have to go where the money is, not stay out in $1.50 land and hope.

Which illustrates why Ryan is going so well. He isn't just good at system design and producing stuff, he can market it too.

Did you have to convince them to take those prices or just connect with them? I mean were they looking for high quality produce from a local producer and the two of you just had to get together?

If all the Aquaponics shysters put the same effort into marketing their produce that they put into marketing their systems maybe they would be actually making some money.

I'm in a really good area to be able to market our produce but by no means is marketing my strong point.

Thanks Stuart. The short answer is yes, I do have to "sell" the product to achieve those prices. But here's the thing... If you're local, pesticide free and your product is impeccable, you can set the price. You want to be the one setting the price, not having someone setting it for you.

And again, you need to make your farm popular through advertisements, community events, social media etc to make your name worth something. When you have achieved that, the products cost more because you are there "advertising". You're bringing people in the door.

Example: I hand out flyers for 2 of my restaurants at a weekly farmers market. My customers are health conscious and so are my restaurants. I help the people out by telling them about the restaurants and I help the restaurants by telling the people that they serve our produce. The restaurants get more out of it than just our vegetables and have no problems paying our prices.

I could talk for days on produce marketing but have to go eat!

Has the thread on marketing been started yet. I need to read it. Sales=profits. Without a sale nothing happens.

One more thing. Self Insuring is your way to go until you get big enough to budget for the expense. One entrepreneur told me the poor buy Insurance and the rich sell insurance. Something to ponder.

This is a great thread I hope it will continue with more great info.

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