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AIR! Lots and lots of AIR!
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Author:  CoconutIsland [ Jan 27th, '16, 08:19 ]
Post subject:  AIR! Lots and lots of AIR!

Hey Everyone, couple of quick questions....

A: Lots of Air.... Playing with airlifts, air stones, and the needs/requirements of some of the DWC systems as well as the more impressive Koi pond systems I have seen, how are people dealing with high volume systems and has anyone effectively used full scale compressor tanks?

B: Related to the above, for a fish tank that requires high flow, will the jets that are used in standard hot tubs be able to accomplish this? Angled or fitted with finned ports? Never put a fish tank, hot tub and hydroponic system together as a single unit before... is it just me?

Thank you all in advance, please resume your daily routine after laughing at me....

Author:  Terra [ Jan 27th, '16, 09:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: AIR! Lots and lots of AIR!

Big compressors would HAVE to be "Oil Less" they are noisy and expensive to run which is why we use the pumps built for fish ponds ect.

Bigger options are the septic tank types they come in big sizes and $$$

I guess as always what scale of system are you going to build they cost of pumping air would need to be designed into this , example water depth is a big factor some pumps don't push air very deep .

Author:  Food&Fish [ Jan 27th, '16, 11:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: AIR! Lots and lots of AIR!

A blower designed for the job will give you heaps of air but they are exey

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