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PPM of my water for a plan of Aquaponic system.
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Author:  food4sheep [ Aug 28th, '19, 05:02 ]
Post subject:  PPM of my water for a plan of Aquaponic system.

salam alikom..

hi every one...

before i start, my native language is arabic..but i'm trying to communicate in English. :)

we have a land , its poor soil, Sodic soil.
we just need to grass for our sheep and camels.
so, i tried to grow Ponicam‬‏, Blubanic, Barley and Alfalfa. its not growing fast, and its short and poor germination. the soil is very poooooooor>

my water ppm = 4000-4500. the ph is 7.3 (from deep well 250m)

i'm looking for your comments of your good experience to start my aquaponic without fish (just Water aeration)

but i'm not sure, is this type of water is appropriate to be used in aquponic system to grow( Ponicam‬‏, Blubanic, Barley and Alfalfa..ect)..

if the problem is the PH, i can reduce the ph using H2SO4 to be 5.5 or 6.5..!!
but will this solve the issue of the water. :blackeye:

i mean i dont know what is the problem in my plan. please make your comments to proceed. :think:

Author:  scotty435 [ Aug 29th, '19, 22:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: PPM of my water for a plan of Aquaponic system.

I'm honestly not sure about this, the best way to find out if it will work is to try growing some plants in the water just to see how they do. If they don't do OK then you still have options - you can adjust the water by using reverse osmosis to lower the ppm then mix the RO water with straight well water to get the ppm level you want (since you do want some of the ions that the water originally contained before using Reverse Osmosis).

We generally don't measure and adjust the ppm readings like you would in regular hydroponics because while many nutrients do exist as ions at least some are tied up in organic compounds that wouldn't give you a true reading

Author:  food4sheep [ Aug 31st, '19, 23:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: PPM of my water for a plan of Aquaponic system.

thanks Moderator for sharing information of you experience...

i already started very simple trail.(no fertilize used, no acid used.)

one sample(bonicam plant) made amazing result..
its reached 20cm in 5 days...!!!!!!!

this is my scenario of the test..

so i decide to change the ph in the tank to be 6.5 and add some soluble npk.
so i changed the scenario:


now , i have three trails running parallel with different parameters.

but the water in the tank is becoming hot after i changed the scenario..!!!

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