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I started back in about March with 2x55gal barrels, one for minnows and another for growbeds.
Then i started upgrading to 2x300gal tanks and redid the set up.
In one rank i added tilapias, 15 red and 15 blues and decided to throw some minnows inthere aswell.
On the other tank i originally had 10 redclaws, 30 prawns and the minnows.
As winter approached i started making preparations to enclose it all just for the winter.
My indecisiveness led me to delay, weather to eat what i had or leave it and see what happens.
Ended up covering it all in hasted insulation, about 2" thick.
But a bit late. We had a sever drop in temps and prawns didnt make it.
Now i just have the tilapia and the redclaws which i was surprisex to still have alive and kicking.
Im using a 600gal water pump that feeds all 4 growbeds and a nice air pump i gor from an aquaponics place, dont have the specs atm.
And an additional pump to pump water out of tilapia tank into a bio filter i made out of the original minnows tank i had, just to clean the solids oit of tilapias.
The pump filling/feeding the growbeds is coming from the crawfish tank.
Both tanks i have connected through a 2" hose at around mid level to share the water.
I have 2 heating elements in place, a 300watt on crayfish tank and a 500watt on tilapia both set at 73F .
Every now and then i get a chance to add water and what i do is i fill a container in which i keep live duckweed on top of crayfish tank and an air stone to help declorinate it.
And then i add it to the tanks as refill when the opportunity arises.
For this winter i heard strawberries is best to keep since they dont like much the heat so i got some (about 50 plants 25 ozarks and 25 charlies).
They were doing phenomenal untill i made a mistake. I added red wigglers to the beds.
Let me say that for the, 'hasted', set up like mines it was a mistake. Rats... i dont know how the heck they smelled that but the ransacked my whole beds and killed my plants in the process. They pulled the plants out and, you know what else happens when a plant hets pulled...
The red wiggler farm/composter i got also with aim of raising red wigglers for the crayfish. Which absolutely are multiplying like crazy but unless the set up is Rat proff dont add it to growbeds.
The worms are fedd all organic amd plant material off aquaponics or anything organic from my kitchen.
Crayfish Love them. As soon as i start dropping them in they come out. Meaning the worms have not hit the floor and the crayfish are already catching them lol.
I have some pics inhere hopefully you can see them.
It is a bit of a challenge to make an AP sys here in this wather but, so rewarding.
I come home and all i want to do is go see/feed the fish and crayfish. I want to see the plants and start thinking how can i make this better.
So far been doing this just 10 months or so but I LOVE IT!!
P.S. I use solar pumps on spring and summer to help aid with energy. I have timers for night time and solar for days.

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