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McPHRO's Aquaponics FNQ Field Trip
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Author:  MCPHRO [ Mar 23rd, '07, 05:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: McPHRO's Aquaponics FNQ Field Trip

Weve now had an article in the paper. Ill scan it and put it on soon. Also ill get those videos fixed up as well. We are holding off wanting to make sure things will grow and we have our design right. I think im pushing for a 1500 ltr system myself. I would like to have 1 IBC flowing through a growbed into a 500 ltr sump(redclaw) tank which feeds back to IBC. But we still working o design and trying to have weekly meetings to discuss those issues.

Its working out the bugs time....

Mc :rr:

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