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Author:  earthbound [ Jun 15th, '06, 08:14 ]
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Hey aquamad, things are starting to turn around slowly for aquaponics, soon we'll catch up with the U.S. Over there aquaponics is starting to become more common in schools, and there are people here in Australia who are pushing for aquaponic systems to be included in schools as a valuable learning tool.

You should try the free section in your local 'trading post' type paper there are often thing that are being given away which could be used, including timber etc for making any frame work.

Author:  Live Beyond [ Jun 15th, '06, 08:23 ]
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This "earthbound aquaponicus" virus has got me..I am totally stuff...first signs occur a few months again.. constantly on the :computer: researching species....its a bit sad when I can recognise a type of :fish: on a fishing show and have never caught a fish..My parnter wants to send more time with me..i do with a book or sketch pad in one hand..

Author:  aquamad [ Jun 15th, '06, 08:57 ]
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sounds all to familiar.... especially the earlier comment about having to change the topic to family ( :oops: ). I have several sketches all over the place as well as a pocket book with my 'must look up' list... :idea1: :book:
I am kinda getting used to the glazed expression I get from friends and the wife... If I dont let it all out I will surely explode. :? :shock:

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