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Aquaponics in a school setting
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Author:  aquamad [ Oct 14th, '06, 18:44 ]
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I have no problems as such with aquariums - still learning when it comes to AP :mrgreen:

Author:  johnnie7au [ Oct 14th, '06, 19:41 ]
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Aquamad ..

That is "awesome"!

I tried the tilapia in wheelie bin thing at school. Was a bit of a fizzer , cos they couldn't see them and it meant a walk to the farm to feed them ... so I relocated and set up a coulple of tanks in the main school site. Not such a problem now! Next year I will convert them to aquaponics as you have done!

Well done mate!

Author:  aquamad [ Oct 14th, '06, 19:52 ]
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THanks mate...
I have 3 wheelie bins which have not been assigned a job YET - I was thinking of doing a wheelie bin thing. I thought I might cut a hole in half way down and turn it into a viewing port of sorts - just need the perspex :mrgreen:

Author:  aquamad [ Nov 14th, '06, 10:03 ]
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I checked the plant growth today after not paying mutch attention to the system for the past 3 weeks - and found a bunch of beans on the bean plant! And also evidence that the other plants had been flowering - all that remains now are the forming seeds

File comment: the proof that there WERE flowers in my classroom AP system
old_flower_198 copy.jpg
old_flower_198 copy.jpg [ 143.24 KiB | Viewed 5132 times ]
File comment: The mirical beans... not sure how they pollinated...
beans_468 copy.jpg
beans_468 copy.jpg [ 81.16 KiB | Viewed 5126 times ]

Author:  monya [ Nov 14th, '06, 10:14 ]
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a miracle I suppose!

Author:  Asitis [ Nov 14th, '06, 10:20 ]
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That looks great, and to think all that off the fluro! :D Kids will be thrilled

Author:  Jaymie [ Nov 14th, '06, 12:13 ]
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will there be enough beans for all the kids? Or will you have to ration them? 1cm of bean per child?

Author:  steve [ Nov 14th, '06, 20:52 ]
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Now AM, i'd kindly remind you that AP is not any good for things except for leafy greens and herbs. OK? Stop producing flowering things and beans and the like. hehehehehe ;)

Author:  aquamad [ Nov 14th, '06, 22:27 ]
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* hangs head in shame*
Yes Mr Steve Sir, ... Sorry Mr Steve Sir... I...I... I wont do it again sir... ;)

Jaymie - the beans tasted lovely - and the kids looked on and drooled as I munched on them ;)

Author:  Jaymie [ Nov 15th, '06, 12:23 ]
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well done, taste testing, can't have them eating "bad" beans can we?

Author:  MCPHRO [ Nov 16th, '06, 18:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponics in a school setting

What is the go with being able to eat the produce. One of the issues is what to do with the produce once its ready. Also, is it profit making or undercutting local businesses...

Fish being vertibrates, ed qld has strict rules on their use and treatment. I dont think we can eat them, and I dont think we can realease them either. They would have been had fed brom birth and never in the wild... could they survuve and what about possible risk of diesease into the wild.

Author:  veggie boy [ Nov 16th, '06, 18:47 ]
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Give them away to somebody - ie yourself - and then you can eat them ;-)

Author:  MCPHRO [ Nov 16th, '06, 18:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponics in a school setting

I honestly didnt think of that. Pets, and to me... hmmmmm :-)

Author:  Axl [ Nov 16th, '06, 18:54 ]
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Could you not take the educational intregration one step further and invite the Home Economics class in with some great recipe ideas?
Axl :D

Author:  MCPHRO [ Nov 16th, '06, 18:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponics in a school setting

Hey why not dissections for science. Earth worm, plant and fish dissections. Freeze the fish until you need them then.

Cant tell me thats too traumatic for kids, they do it on the weekends with their dads or mates!

Still, gotta find out. Ed qld has an ethics committee.


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