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Author:  monya [ Dec 27th, '06, 06:33 ]
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AM sounds like you should be moving to teach at J&'s school, or vice versa. 2 heads are better than one!

Author:  aquamad [ Dec 27th, '06, 06:39 ]
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It would be good to teach in a school where there are others who actively do AP :)

Author:  johnnie7au [ Dec 28th, '06, 20:14 ]
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Well ..

I get an e-mail this week ...

A guy is willing to weld up some fish tank frames for the kids from old desks!

I also got to pick up 5 electric yellows .. as a breeding stock for the kids ..

I have just been to a kind retired fish keeping couples home .. I had a great afternoon! (Amazing) and have come away with 5 bucket loads of fish . loads of gravel and a pond pump ... 8) 8)

If I don't make this thing work .. I will be devastated!

OK ..

Fellow school teachers ...

No prob regards collecting tanks, stock and equipment ... U just have to put the word out! Ask!

People are so kind and generous when it comes to helpig school kids!

Making it all come together .. thats the big one!

So muster, mums, dads, friends etc. etc.

Once they see a little progress .. they will all want to particpate!

(Jamie Oliver did it in UK regards changing school dinners from greasy crap to heathy in many schools!) ....

Maybe we can do a little ... with loads of help ... to turn a few kids on to keeping fish, learning some plumbing and engineering skills, thinking about noxious species, some chemistry, some science, and ... maybe just having fun keeping fish as a hobby! (Maybe some marketing in there too!)

I am thinking .. get one system set up, as simple as possible .. .. then if it works .. extract the best learning possible from it ... then duplicate ... set up a little network ... and include some way of making money out of it ... if the kids can generate some cash, enjoy a little of it as a reward, AND donate some to a charity .. it is a life lesson!

So .. stick your necks out fellow teachers ...

Don't be afraid to ask!

(But once you get .. you gotta do something good with it!)

Author:  aquamad [ Apr 4th, '07, 17:16 ]
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here we have the classroom system, mark 2 :)
I wanted to use the same tank as last year, but wanted to use less space, so I have retired last year's grow bed (for now ;) ) and used this tube instead...

The system is fed by 3 goldies (which belong to another class - I am looking after them for now as they go back at the start of term 2) there are also 4 baby platty fish in there somewhere...

Now, to the pictures

File comment: the 2007 system, with a smaller footprint and a lot lighter too :)
whole_system_462 copy.jpg
whole_system_462 copy.jpg [ 59.24 KiB | Viewed 8951 times ]
File comment: some of the seedlings which are now gaining momentum
plants1_596 copy.jpg
plants1_596 copy.jpg [ 46.27 KiB | Viewed 8955 times ]
File comment: a closer look at the seedlings, germinated in the classroom and very happy
plants2_235 copy.jpg
plants2_235 copy.jpg [ 45.13 KiB | Viewed 8954 times ]

Author:  aquamad [ Apr 4th, '07, 17:21 ]
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more images

File comment: the last of the plant pics - some sugar snap peas, lettuce, and swiss chard.
plants3_129 copy.jpg
plants3_129 copy.jpg [ 47.28 KiB | Viewed 8951 times ]
File comment: More roots in the tube, and some fish poop :)
rootsintube1_192 copy.jpg
rootsintube1_192 copy.jpg [ 36.47 KiB | Viewed 8956 times ]
File comment: here you can see some of the roots in the tube, plus one of 2 air stones in the tube (which help fend off root rot)
rootsintube2_173 copy.jpg
rootsintube2_173 copy.jpg [ 35.79 KiB | Viewed 8950 times ]

Author:  aquamad [ Apr 4th, '07, 17:27 ]
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the last lot...

File comment: one of the pots with roots comming out - soon the tube should be clogged with roots
roots_974 copy.jpg
roots_974 copy.jpg [ 41.69 KiB | Viewed 8949 times ]
File comment: the water return to the tank - 2 tubes to try prevent the possibility of overflw should 1 get blocked :)
water_return_160 copy.jpg
water_return_160 copy.jpg [ 41.11 KiB | Viewed 8955 times ]

Author:  johnnie7au [ Apr 4th, '07, 17:28 ]
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Hey mate ... GREAT stuff!

I will post some vids soon of the fish at my school.

Next step at my school .. is some plants ...

I am looking at a fish room .. but getting pumps and heaters for free is a bit of a prob ....

no budget for this .. but I got the tanks already! Amazing donation of over 40 tanks.

Keep up the good work my friend!

Ask around and you never know what you will get!

Author:  aquamad [ Apr 4th, '07, 17:39 ]
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true about the donation thing... this is however built out of my own pocket --- why? because I want to and like to :)

Author:  Hex [ Apr 4th, '07, 17:42 ]
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That looks great AM,
How is the tankwater delivered to the tube?

Author:  aquamad [ Apr 4th, '07, 18:16 ]
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How is the tankwater delivered to the tube?

If you look at the fist pic you will see a dark shape of a power head filter... It is fitted with normal garden irrigation pipe, which is popped in one end of the tube

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