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Feed producing system for Bass
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Author:  SeamanSparkles [ Nov 17th, '18, 23:35 ]
Post subject:  Feed producing system for Bass

I suppose I'm after what every aquaponics farmer is after: as closed a system as possible. My goal is to raise as much tilapia as I need to sustain a bass population. I'll raise duckweed in my sump to feed the tilapia, the tilapia fry will feed the bass, the poo will feed my veggies, and the bass and veggies will feed my face. My kitchen scraps will (eventually) feed black soldier fly larva, which will supplement the duckweed for tilapia and bass.

At first I want to start with a 275 gallon IBC, a sump, and just a couple of grow beds, which I'll expand as needed once I get the hang of it.

My question, after a long winded story, is how prolifically do tilapia breed and how much do Bass eat? I want to have the minimum required tilapia to sustain a bass population.

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