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Adding extra fingerlings
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Author:  piney [ Apr 1st, '19, 11:10 ]
Post subject:  Adding extra fingerlings

Hi all,
My silverperch are now 10 months old. I lost a few over the summer heatwaves. Can I add more fingerlings to the same tank?

Author:  Terra [ Apr 1st, '19, 11:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Adding extra fingerlings

I know wild Silvers will hit a pretty big lure if they are hungry so depends on the size of both groups of fish

I would say no but they do have very small mouths

They will coexist with other fish

Can you rig a temporary tank off to the side for awhile until they grow a bit more

We are coming to the end of our grow season fast my cod have dropped of to half the feed they eat with this cool week we have had

So you may need to rig something for them

Author:  piney [ Apr 2nd, '19, 10:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Adding extra fingerlings

If I was to setup an extra tank for more fingerlings, would I be able to just add aeration without plumbing into the whole system?

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