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What kind of fish?
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Author:  westby84 [ Jan 29th, '15, 02:58 ]
Post subject:  What kind of fish?

Looking for some insight!

We have built a 15 by 50 foot greenhouse and have been working through this winter to get it ready for spring. We have have been testing out are 2000 gallon compost heater during the the coldest days in Nova Scotia and they seem to be keeping all three thermostats just under double digits.
We have a system that will grow around 2000 overbearing strawberries the will arrive in late March and the only thing that we seem to have problems with is the type of fish.

Our system operates on a 12 foot A- frames divided into three section lengthways with appropriate water flow and pump set up set up accordingly.

We have have eight 1000 gallon tanks( not all will be used) set up under the A-frame and were wondering what a good combination of fish would be most productive. We are thinking Trout, goldfish and tilapia all in there respective tanks with catfish in all...Just looking for any advice and some good insight. Thanks

Author:  coachchris [ Jan 29th, '15, 05:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of fish?

Tilapia are pretty tough, as long as you can keep temps in the 70's and above. We would love to see some pics of your set sounds awesome! Trout are delicious, but require cooler water temps....I'm thinking 70's as a high, and probably 60's would be better. Catfish/Koi will eat better when the water temps cool down. Welcome and can't wait to see your system.

Author:  westby84 [ Jan 29th, '15, 07:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of fish?

Re: coachchris,
much appreciation for the prompt response. I will get on the pictures to give you a more visual perspective Was thinking about Tilapia but because of our cold winters it might cause a problem. Trout are seriously delicious especially with the smoker close by. We have them readily available close by and we figure they would make the best choice. The goldfish are easily availability and to my understanding produce a lot of ammonia but the trout will eat them should they become bigger in size.

Id love to try Tilapia, which thrive in the right condition but seeing as it requires higher temperatures. Any heat suggestions?

Author:  earthbound [ Jan 29th, '15, 09:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of fish?

Keep your species separate it's far easier management, and personally if you have the temperatures I'd be looking at trout, trout and trout. Not much point in goldfish unless you need a spacer fish to produce nutrient between fish change overs.

Author:  sandiegonewb [ Feb 23rd, '15, 03:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of fish?


Author:  sandiegonewb [ Feb 23rd, '15, 04:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: What kind of fish?

System sounds great. Tilapia sound like a nightmare.

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