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4 corners ABC salmon farming
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Author:  oceanarium [ Nov 4th, '16, 18:11 ]
Post subject:  4 corners ABC salmon farming

Who saw the show shown on Au TV regarding the salmon farming in Tasmania?

I was not sure where to post this ?

But they did seem to hone in on the food used, about the asthaxin and ruminant offal in Skretting.

Is there issues with skretting?

Author:  Gunagulla [ Nov 4th, '16, 20:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: 4 corners ABC salmon farming

I watched it, there's a discussion going on about it on another forum I subscribe to too. The colour of that salmon suggests they are really loading up the pigments! My trout are very pale in comparison.

The main issue, and one reason I stopped buying fish a few years ago, was the pollution due to the intensive aquaculture methods. 85000 salmon deaths in one go due to low Oxygen, and vast amounts of fish waste accumulating because it can't be flushed away faster than it is being deposited- the govt allowing them to put in even more fish... and WWF letting Tassal use their mark of approval for being an environmentally sound business - all more reasons not to buy it. Huon seemed to be interested in doing the right thing though, and blew the whistle on industry practices that they thought were bad for the industry as a whole, but don't seem to be getting anywhere- the govt basically ignores them.

Skretting food is not unusual, those sorts of ingredients are in all sorts of animal and stock feed, not just from Skretting.

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