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Bluegill and Comet Goldfish Compatibility
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Author:  Hanover [ Nov 19th, '13, 06:29 ]
Post subject:  Bluegill and Comet Goldfish Compatibility

To help ensure that my system was cycled, I added 20 comet goldfish. After monitoring for about a week with no problems and no dead fish, I added 60 copperhead bluegill. Two days later , I have 5 dead goldfish. PH and Ammonia readings are good. The holding tank is 275gal with a Venturi that sucks plenty of air(in my opinion). Is it a good first guess that the Bluegill are attacking the Goldfish? The dead fish's eyes were pecked out and all fish that remain appear to be alert and energetic.

Author:  kellenw [ Nov 19th, '13, 06:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bluegill and Comet Goldfish Compatibility

As long as they relatively close in size, they tend to do just fine together. That's a lot of fish in a 275 gal IBC though.

Author:  Hanover [ Nov 19th, '13, 07:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bluegill and Comet Goldfish Compatibility

I also have another 200 gal for sump. I ordered 25 bluegill from the hatchery and they gave me 60!! I hope to find someone who needs a few. Most of the bluegill and goldfish are the same size, 2 inches. There are a few that are a bit bigger though. There was also a large mouth bass that slipped in. It's just a tiny bit larger than the others. I don't have and air pump, but my Venturi looks to be doing a good job.

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