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Escaping red claw????
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Author:  soonosaj [ Nov 20th, '16, 15:52 ]
Post subject:  Escaping red claw????

Hi guys.
I'm nearly ready to get a few red claws in my ibc set up.
I'm just wanting to hear your thoughts on these little buggers escaping. I had two as a child in an aquarium and remember them always without me knowing how getting out.
Please have a look at my set up so far and feel free to suggest or advise as you see the need.

I have not finished yet as I plan on fitting a door to the lowered front section and most likely clad the whole thing with timber building steps between and in front of the ibc's

Cheers in advance

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Author:  dlf_perth [ Nov 21st, '16, 15:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escaping red claw????

looking good soonasaj, not familiar with red claw but marron are big escapers.
often climb up the pipes etc. The IBC sides tend to be quite smooth so it will really be opportunities to grab something or if the IBC gets overfilled during rain etc.

Author:  Poppa [ Nov 22nd, '16, 00:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escaping red claw????

If it's open, they will get out. They will climb pipes and wires. If the sides grow algae, they will climb the sides. I suspect they are able to teleport short distances through solid materials.

You cannot stop them. If you try, it just pisses them off and they will hide in your shoes.

If I ever do them again they will be in cages and the world will be up in arms to raise cage-free crays. But the breeding programs you crazy Aussies have will soon be growing crays the size of wild pigs and you will all be sorry with those roaming about freely.

Author:  Mel Redcap [ Nov 22nd, '16, 21:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Escaping red claw????

*snickering madly at Poppa's comment*

I suggest changing the flap bit that's there to stop them climbing up the piping to something solid instead of a mesh, and make it bigger - as it is, they'll be able to hook their feet into it and climb along it easily. If you make it solid plastic they can't climb along it to reach the sides; also, if it's wider and longer and tucked down between the pipe and the IBC side so they can't reach the cut edge of the IBC, they won't be able to get around it. (Or at least they'll have to work for it...)

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