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Raccoon eating my fish
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Author:  Karen Reck [ Sep 19th, '17, 10:59 ]
Post subject:  Raccoon eating my fish

Hello everyone,
About a couple of months back we moved to Vancouver from Vaughan, ON as my daughter joined in the University of Victoria. The lot we bought had a natural rock face and a small preformed pond in it. I got the pond installed and filled it up with water alone just a month back. After a week, I noticed some large amounts of mosquito larvae in it. So I bought 6 comet goldfishes to get the 'larvae thing' out of my pond.
Now that I have fish in the pond, for water quality control I got some water hyacinths. Two days later, I found that the hyacinths and one of my goldfish are missing. I suspect it's the raccoons who ate it. I did some internet searching and implemented a drainpipe at the bottom of the pond to save the remaining fish and two 150 watt motion-sensor spotlights. So far it seems to be working, but I think the raccoons will get used to the lights and will come back again. I'm not sure of it though.
I think instead of fearing them away, I should get rid of them from my property as I have got a little puppy too. I have heard quite a lot stories about raccoons attacking dogs and I don't want to risk his life.
What do you think? Should I call a raccoon removal service for this? Has anyone here got any previous experience?

Author:  arbe [ Sep 19th, '17, 17:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Raccoon eating my fish

Hello Karen,

I've approved your post but removed the link from it as it violates the forum advertising rules.

Hopefully someone nearby will be able to point you in the right direction.

Author:  Petesake [ Sep 20th, '17, 21:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Raccoon eating my fish

We had next doors large dog visit our yard annoyingly at any time of the day and night so one night I set up a metal bowl of food on metal plate, on a piece of wood, and metal sheet under that and connected each piece of metal to leads of a small welder on the lowest setting.
Unfortunately I didn't hear it but Wifey informed me of an incredible howling and scramble through the bushes - never to be seen again. :shock:

Author:  Dubot [ Sep 21st, '17, 18:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Raccoon eating my fish

Sounds like the time when we had a stray male cat coming around at night. My dad put an aspirin in some milk for it. Didn't get much sleep that night with all the gut wrenching howling going on but we never did hear from it again or have to wash it's piss off anything again either.

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Author:  GurkanYeniceri [ Sep 22nd, '17, 07:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Raccoon eating my fish

You eat the racoon.

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