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Solution for thrips on edible leaves?
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Author:  ajresco [ Oct 7th, '18, 00:59 ]
Post subject:  Solution for thrips on edible leaves?

Been growing indoors for about 2 years with no pest issues, but some silvery specks and a close look reveal thrips. I know neem oil, soap sprays, and other foliar sprays are an option, but I'm reluctant to apply those things on arugula, chard, and kale - basically, any leaves that I'll be eating. I've also seen some talk of predatory bugs.

Anyone have experience or recommendations for getting rid of thrips when they're on edible leaves?

Author:  thespider23 [ Apr 5th, '19, 21:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solution for thrips on edible leaves?

I feel your pain. I've had non-stop problems in my greenhouse.

I've been using Pyrethrum based products as it claims to break down in sunlight. But as they do kill fish I'm always paranoid spraying to much on just in case it leaches into the fish tank.

I've tried using predatory bugs. But because I have automatic adjusting vents they all flew away. I might try it again when the weather cools down.

I did some research and apparently spinetoram also kills leaf eating bugs without killing the fish. I've just bought some. It is suppose to last longer on the leafs than what Pyrethrum does, as it apparently does not breaks down in sun light. And is quite safe on humans, non-leaf eating bugs and fish.

So far it does appear to kill alphids/thrips. Not as quickly as Pyrethrum but does appear to work.

But in my situation it's 2 steps forward 1 step back.

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