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Powder Mold
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Author:  OnGlide [ Oct 7th, '18, 02:17 ]
Post subject:  Powder Mold

My system seems to be doing well enough. I've planted some fall lettuce and have some strawberries where the fruit (berries) and leaves (lettuce) get covered with powder mold. I'm in coastal California so have overnight fog and dew.

I've read that a solution of baking soda and water with a bit of dish soap sprayed directly on the plants is effective. Is it safe to use in my aquaponics growed IF:

I use VERY little soap in the solution
I use the spray sparingly

Are there other alternatives to the soap (with I assume is to break surface tension)

Author:  danny [ Oct 7th, '18, 06:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Powder Mold

I heard something about spraying with watered down milk for some kind of powdery mould, I can't personally vouch for it working but maybe worth a try.

Soap is a bit risky, you certainly don't want it getting in the media or water, I guess if you carefully applied it to the leaves you could get away with it.

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