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neem oil.
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Author:  Shaunohara11 [ Nov 6th, '18, 23:05 ]
Post subject:  neem oil.

Red spiders and white fly have been found in my grow bed plants. I read neem oil is efectivo.
Does the oil affected the fish? Has anyone used it?

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Author:  arbe [ Nov 6th, '18, 23:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: neem oil.

Be gentle when spraying it making sure to only get it on the plant and not on the water - specially the fish tank.

Author:  Aufin [ Nov 7th, '18, 22:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: neem oil.

I've used neem plenty of times. Has no "knock down effect" if that's what you're expecting. The oil might suffocate some, but dont expect it. Neem stops the bugs from progressing to the next stage of their development. And has an effect on their appetite. Kinda hard to get enough to effect the fish if you follow the instructions and just spray the plants. I have dosed my sandbeds with neem oil to help get rid of nematodes. The only affect to the fish I noticed was they were not very hungry for a couple days. After that, they were fine...... and still are. To dose my sandbeds, I used a lot more than you will be using to spray the bugs, so a little overspray shouldn't be a big deal.

Read and follow the instructions. If you're still uncomfortable using neem, dont use it. Above is my experience, and my experience only, using neem oil. Being heavy-handed with the stuff can and will cause problems, but overall, neem is safe when used according to the instructions. Where the tree is native, the leaves of the neem tree are used to make tea, the small sticks are fuzzed up on the ends to make toothbrushes, how dangerous can it be?

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