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Tomatoes strange observation
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Author:  Tonzz [ Jan 3rd, '19, 06:07 ]
Post subject:  Tomatoes strange observation

I assure you I have not been using any illegal substances, but over the past few weeks watching tomatoes grow I have become aware that if a offshoot/branch grows upward direction it will produce fruit, if it heads down it wont produce fruit.

I have not been wearing foil hats or been out in the sun too long,
Whats your comments, etc

Author:  Terra [ Jan 4th, '19, 10:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tomatoes strange observation

They can be frustrating , go to the effort to set up a stake / trellis and they end up a metre high before they set any fruit :dontknow:

The upside down part :think: probably coincidence , some factors effecting pollination are lack of wind , insects , humidity , too hot is a big one , nutrition .

Growing tomatoes in hanging containers and the vines hang down has been a popular technique

I make a habit of tapping flower clusters with my fingers or a stick if they are out of reach to assist pollination.

Author:  Graf [ Jan 7th, '19, 04:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tomatoes strange observation

Terra wrote:
I make a habit of tapping flower clusters with my fingers or a stick if they are out of reach to assist pollination.

Good tip Terra!

I've relented and gotten some Dipel on the weekend, even ripening Tom has been gobble by the very hungry caterpillars!

Author:  Terra [ Jan 7th, '19, 07:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tomatoes strange observation

Graf what sort of caterpillars have you got , ive had a run of them in the dirt garden they certainly make a mess of tomatoes , I think mine are the native budworms (heliothis) as there isn't much foliage damage

Moths are nocturnal and have a burrowing into soil part of the lifecycle I don't get much damage in my aqua systems .
I have put dipel on , due again but of course I was too late with the first spray .

Best way I think is to use the fine insect mesh to keep the moths out , good for brassicas as well , but has to be set up at the beginning

I grow my dirt tomatoes in my old chook dome , I had to cover it in with tuna net as the magpies (birds) were gobbling my ripe tomatoes .

I have 50% shade cloth over the top (essential here)

I think next season , will do the cover properly (neat and secure) , shade cloth on top and fine insect mesh around the sides then I can grow brassicas in winter and other veg in summer .

As the moths are nocturnal a bug zapper at night might work , when I was my very young we had terrible trouble with codling moth in apples my father got a zapper and after that we had no more trouble .

Of course these things probably kill a lot of good predator insects as well

I have one that doesn't zap but has a light and a fan and a catch cage on the bottom im thinking if I make the cage out of bigger mesh so it holds the moths but small insects can get away.

Probably don't even need the cage as the moths get wacked pretty had by the fan on the way through .

Author:  Graf [ Jan 8th, '19, 09:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tomatoes strange observation

Terra, I think they are budworm also, I haven't netted at this point, sprayed dipel over toms and brassicas in both wicking and AP beds. I'll keep any eye out over the next week and see what happens. Don't really want to net, but at the same time I want to get a few fruit!

Author:  Tonzz [ Jan 8th, '19, 15:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tomatoes strange observation

touch wood I havent had this problem, but then I do have poly house semi enclosed, with 50% white shade cloth on roof, corro iron around edge up to waist/hip height and then bird netting.

but did have snails few weeks ago decided they prefered being in my polyhouse.

so we shared a few beers with them and removed all we could find, got a bag of swimming pool salt and thin line of that around the edge of poly house and a few other suspect places. :notworthy: no more snails. :laughing3:

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