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Wind Power Without the Blades
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Author:  Badger1972 [ Jan 20th, '12, 19:36 ]
Post subject:  Wind Power Without the Blades

They are looking using pzelioic energy in artificial trees aS the leaves shake they generate tiny ampunts of electricity. But as there are thousands of them it all adds up. And as they can be moved by turbulent wind they dont need large areas. They say once they can print the "leaves" cheaply then this would be viable. Can drape them anywhere ther is turbulent wind in the city to get power. ... 11119.html

Author:  SuperVeg [ Jan 20th, '12, 21:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wind Power Without the Blades

scotty435 wrote:

I also like the solar tower idea.

I understand Enviro Mission is planning on building a pair of solar towers in Arizona as well.

I have/was following this for years... I wonder if anything will ever actually happen...
I also wonder if it will actually be commercially feasible.. unlike pretty much all other types of green power. I'm thinking not, due to the massive cost of construction but its service life could be very long...

Author:  rsevs3 [ Jan 21st, '12, 09:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wind Power Without the Blades

I thought they were already building one? The description says ready in 2012. :dontknow:

Author:  SuperVeg [ Jan 21st, '12, 10:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wind Power Without the Blades

yeah maybe.. Ill believe it when i see it

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