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Brodys new aquaponics system.
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Author:  faye [ Oct 30th, '12, 12:10 ]
Post subject:  Brodys new aquaponics system.

Brody wanted to allow for expansion, as many of you know is bound to happen.
He is starting with one bed on a 2000 litre fish tank, this will enable another two beds to be added at a later time.
PA250016 (Custom).JPG
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Todays install team is Nat and Sue (Seamonkey-to those of you that have been around for a few years.)
PA250017 (Custom).JPG
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PA250020 (Custom).JPG
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PA250018 (Custom).JPG
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And it looks like there is plenty of room for the system to be added to later.
I always recommend that you can start with the biggest fish tank that you can fit or afford which allows for more growbeds to be added later.

PA250021 (Custom).JPG
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Nat preparing for the stand and making sure that all is level.

PA250028 (Custom).JPG
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Taadaa- mission complete!

Author:  nebbian [ Oct 30th, '12, 12:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brodys new aquaponics system.

Looks great :-)

Just a question, how do you normally run power to the install? Do you bury the line or just run an extension cord over the grass?

Author:  Charlie [ Oct 30th, '12, 12:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brodys new aquaponics system.

Another instant food making machine!!

Well done. :thumbleft:

Author:  faye [ Oct 30th, '12, 15:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brodys new aquaponics system.

Never bury the chord. Outdoor extension chord to get things going and then sometimes the customer organises outdoor power connections.

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Author:  seamonkey [ Oct 30th, '12, 22:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brodys new aquaponics system.

:wave1: Eyes on the road,Rhonda! I had to get Nat to tell me when to look at the camera cos I wouldnt let him take a profile shot (not happy with chin shots) so he did well with split second shot. :lol:
Brody was great and at one stage I thought he was bringing out a large drink of water for Nat but he had a tiny minnow that his friend had brought around. It was about 1.5cm long. Brody put it in the 2000L tank. It looked so happy to have all that space. By the time we had left, Brody had put his strawberries and tomato plants in and was expecting to have Koi (i think) delivered that arvo. Hope we get some updates soon. :thumbright:

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