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hey Texas Ap'ers
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Author:  keith [ Jun 7th, '13, 04:36 ]
Post subject:  hey Texas Ap'ers

i'm on a few message boards, this was posted in a forum by overton fisheries..

"Hello and Greetings to everyone from Overton Fisheries!!

This message serves to inform you of some very important TPWD regulations on Mozambique Tilapia, and to provide you with a phone # and email link where you can voice your comments and concerns about this issue.

The TPWD recently clarified an existing regulation for the industry. They made it clear that Mozambique Tilapia are indeed legal to stock in Texas private waters without a permit, HOWEVER, YOU MAY NOT TRANSPORT YOUR OWN MOZAMBIQUE TILAPIA. In essence, you may have these fish delivered by one of our hauling trucks or via a 3rd party transport company ONLY. We feel this regulation is ridiculous. We have built a solid business over the last decade by supplying tilapia via farm pick-up, and the issue is up for public comment before the TPWD makes a ruling on it in August.

So if you are a fan of tilapia and have enjoyed the convenience of picking these fish up at our farm and stocking them yourself, then we need your help the most. Please call or email your comment to Ken Kurzawski at 512-389-4591 or "

Author:  bcotton [ Jun 10th, '13, 18:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: hey Texas Ap'ers

bumpity, i guess i missed this the first time and i almost started a new thread on this but i decided to search keith's posts to see if he did already.

I would venture guess most people between dallas and houston get their fish from todd overton at overton fisheries. I noticed a week or so before his post on pond boss that his site said tilpaia available by delivery only and thought that was odd. I am glad i already have my tilapia.

But if you dont have tilapia there are a lot of good (better?) options for fish that work fine in aquaponics and will survive the winters outdoors.


Author:  Shelgeyr [ Jun 10th, '13, 21:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: hey Texas Ap'ers

Thanks for the heads-up! I too think this is a ridiculous regulation, although frankly since I've located a "scion of Overton" source much closer to Dallas (a board member here, but they can name themselves if they wish) I would be protesting on the principle rather than the inconvenience.

Of course, as far as I know my source doesn't deliver, so it may not be such a moot point in the end...

Thanks again!

Author:  1luckeyfish [ Jun 11th, '14, 00:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: hey Texas Ap'ers

I was of the understanding you could buy Mozambique Tilapia from someone who had a permit and as long as you had their permit info on an invoice stating how many tilapia you had obtained, you could transport them. ... nvoice.pdf ... =57&rl=116

Author:  bcotton [ Jun 12th, '14, 07:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: hey Texas Ap'ers

You are correct, Those are the current rules.

Overton's post was last year and at the time the rules hadnt been re-clarified yet.

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