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Need Some Fish
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Author:  Bennyboy123 [ Mar 31st, '14, 18:16 ]
Post subject:  Need Some Fish

just started my tank again ,after an 18month break .Need to fill it with some trout anyone got any near the newcastle area or surrounding areas? thanks
Also how hard are fresh water mussels to get or something similar

Author:  Bodgy [ Mar 31st, '14, 19:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Need Some Fish

It might not be any help but the best luck I had gathering mussels was from impoundments during low water levels.
The trick is to scout between the high water line down to the shore.
As the waters drop the mussels migrate down with it.
If they hit a stump (esp a buttressed one) or a rock/branch/other obstacle they can find themselves trapped (or think they are) and aestivate as the waters continue to drop and expose them to the air.
A slightly hollow smallish stump gave me maybe a dozen inside and another 6 or so around the bottom. (They'll be buried, usually with a corner facing upwards and maybe just breaking or slightly below the surface)
One had even grown into a crack in the stump and had grown with a z shaped pair of shells that matched the cavity it had managed to survive in.
Those inside the stump had probably spent their entire adult lives in the hollow after dropping off their hosts at the end of the parasitic stage of their life cycle.
I can't really help you out but thought I'd share what I found.

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