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Freshwater prawns
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Author:  jeby [ Oct 19th, '14, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  Freshwater prawns

I would like to give freshwater prawns a go in a separate tank connected to my aquaponics system
so does anyone know where I can get them from here in Perth western Australia

preferably the ones that grow big for eating
sorry I cant remember their name

Author:  Titus [ Oct 20th, '14, 02:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Freshwater prawns

Hi Jeby
Sorry I don’t know the name or where you can get them but; I was net jumping a few days ago.
I started reading US patent applications ( as you do)
Amongst them was an application by a US fishery scientist for an intensive cultivation system for prawns/shrimps etc
Broadly speaking, as I understand it.
Stackable boxes on an inclined plane to give a variation in water depth.
Now I am in no way encouraging you to infringe this patent but.
There was a wealth of data about optimum temp,salinity,ph,growth rates etc....... Which is in the public domain.
Five minutes with your favorite search engine.

Author:  Charlie [ Oct 20th, '14, 04:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Freshwater prawns


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