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System Alavarse 1500 l_Brasil_São Paulo
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Author:  ALAVARSE [ Oct 21st, '13, 19:47 ]
Post subject:  System Alavarse 1500 l_Brasil_São Paulo

Good afternoon to all !

First thank you all the information distributed here.

I come to show my system that started this morning 16/10/2013 day after more than six months of much research .

My system will consist of ;

1 1500 l pool where put tilapia , will begin with 50 fingerlings .

6 boxes of 64 l each ( 80x40x20 cm ) ( Styrofoam boxes that got in Eastern restaurants located in Liberty , as there always step study at the end of the workday , I will use the same to build and Tenebrio D' lentil water. ( Not to mention the economy , I hope that the roots do not break the boxes )

I use 2 barrels to store rainwater , using for cleaning the yard and replacement during dry periods ( June to August ) .

1 Pump 2500 l / h on 24h

1 pump 3000 l / h (backup )

I intend to put the lids of boxes with greens ( lettuce, arugula , cress )




At the moment I am doing cycling

Soon put evolution.

Author:  lchater [ Dec 21st, '13, 03:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: System Alavarse 1500 l_Brasil_São Paulo


Também acabei de começar um sistema aquaponico, mas aqui em Brasília! Tomara que dê certo. Queria te perguntar como você montou sua bomba reserva. Eu estou com uma aqui de 12V que pretendo ligar em breve numa bateria de carro, mas não consigo achar o sensor de queda da rede elétrica que seja em conta...

Enfim, poste novidades mesmo! Boa sorte!

Hi Alavarse!

I also just get a aquaponico system, but here in Brazil! Hopefully it works out. I wanted to ask you how you set up your backup pump. I'm here with a 12V I intend to call soon a car battery, but I can not find the drop sensor mains to be regard ...

Anyway, even post news! Good luck!

Author:  Delgado [ Apr 30th, '17, 08:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: System Alavarse 1500 l_Brasil_São Paulo

Vocês estão com os sistemas ativos ainda?

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