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IBC system NSW Central Coast
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Author:  Ninegrain [ May 24th, '15, 18:25 ]
Post subject:  IBC system NSW Central Coast

Hi folks,

I have to move house and combined with future changes to my lifestyle I unfortunately have to find a new home for my system.

It consists of:

IBC fish tank with growbed on top filled with scoria

sump with small tub growbed

NFT rack.

two pond pumps (3000lph and 2000lph from memory)

A fresh grey barrel ready to be utilised as a filter or something like that.

And a few other bits and pieces like extra piping etc that the buyer can grab if they are interested.

It is stocked with 8 silver perch that are between 10 and 15cm as far as I can tell. I also have quite a lot of food ranging from 2mm to the large sizes. Maybe 10kg or there abouts.

The below video shows it last winter when it was stocked with rainbow trout. Please ignore the messy water, the filtration configuration isn't really the best due to my severe space limitations but I managed to grow out 23 out of 25 trout with the only losses attributed to a jumper and a deformity.

With a bit more space the buyer could easily reconfigure this equipment to perform far better than I could with my limitations.

I can help move it (I have a ute) for a bit of extra cash to cover my time and fuel.

I live in Glenning Valley 2261

I am chasing an amount that will allow me to recoup some of the money I have spent on it, not trying to make a profit or anything.

$500 Ono

Pm me and I will pass on my number to arrange a time to come look at it if you are interested.


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Author:  Ninegrain [ May 24th, '15, 18:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: IBC system NSW Central Coast

This may be in the wrong section. If so, could a mod move it for me?? Cheers :)

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