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Complete Aquaponic & Hydroponic System 4SALE Arlington Texas
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Author:  dutchken [ May 5th, '19, 00:35 ]
Post subject:  Complete Aquaponic & Hydroponic System 4SALE Arlington Texas

Okay all you do-it-yourselfers, LAST CHANCE. I've removed the FOUR LARGE GROWBEDS ((55-gallon barrel-halves)) and PVC plumbing tubes plus the 55-gallon "BACTERIA TANK" and SUMP TANK from the Aquaponic System and the five 4" PVC GROWBEDS ((two vertical and three horizontal pipes)) plus the four 4"x24" plastic storage bin growbeds from the Hydroponic System. Also removed the two air pumps and two water pumps and other pipes, tubing, etc. from both systems and all those parts are up for grabs really cheap until next Tuesday ((Trash Day in Arlington)).

These are all the major components of BOTH a full-scale Hydroponics system AND a full-size Aquaponics system ((minus the 400-gallon Fish Tank which was too big to remove from the greenhouse intact.

The whole kit and caboodle can be re-assembled as originally designed in less than a day and will produce more cannabis, huge cucumbers, lettuce etc. than two people can use. Stuff grows REALLY FAST in both types of soil-less "gardens".

See photos and descriptions in my FB ALBUM entitled, "AQUAPONICS" and my other album entitled, "-- UPDATE -- Solar-Powered Aquaponic-Hydroponic PARTS" and one other called, "Solar-Powered Aquaponic Hydroponic Greenhouse" (shows both systems in operation). -Ken Winters

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