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Aloe Vera?
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Author:  pjenkyn [ Sep 12th, '10, 11:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aloe Vera?

That's understandable, but I have to cringe at the idea as most of Australia is about to go into the water restriction season, I am currently designing a new house I'm building this year and am looking at incorporating AP to some of my general landscape as well and perhaps be able to grow some exotics which are starting to become extinct now due to our recent awareness of water wasting, I am installing a Bali style Koi pond at the entrance to my pool area and thought about setting up mini Gb's around the court yard with underground plumbing to feed say small variety Palms or other full sun tropic species just to assist the filtration system, I will still have my designated veggie and edible fish area around the other side of the house, I am hoping to get awards this place by the time I have finished, I can't totally criticise people for what they do It does inspire me with Ideas's.

Author:  AquaMarin5 [ Sep 17th, '19, 05:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aloe Vera?

I am also a bit sceptical about aloes in aquaponics. It is a succulent to it doesn't require much water. All in all, I would try it. Aquaponics is unpredictable so some plants may like it. I haven't tried aloe but now I have to.

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