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Author:  stucco [ Oct 17th, '11, 05:29 ]
Post subject:  fishin

Me catching a little shark on my board

Author:  earthbound [ Oct 17th, '11, 09:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: fishin

You crazy bugger....... :lol: Love it.... :)

Author:  gorotsuki69 [ Oct 17th, '11, 12:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: fishin

good idea not having your legs dangle in the water..

Author:  Jackfrost [ Nov 3rd, '11, 19:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: fishin

You should come for a trip to WA and head out to Rotto on that thing :shifty:

Author:  stucco [ Nov 4th, '11, 17:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: fishin

I would love to! But I get the feeling that it wouldn’t be good idea. Whites?

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Nov 4th, '11, 17:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: fishin

Should be right Stucco... think they got fed recently... :mrgreen:

Author:  Mr Damage [ Nov 4th, '11, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: fishin

I would love to! But I get the feeling that it wouldn’t be good idea. Whites?

Should be right Stucco... think they got fed recently...

I’m no expert, but in my personal opinion I don’t think it’s plural Rupe… I think it’s one rogue shark.

I can’t remember the exact year, but about 10 years ago a whale was washed up on Cottesloe beach here in Perth. It’s the most popular beach on our metropolitan coast… imagine Bondi… and Cottesloe is W.A’s equivilant.

Rather than remove the whale from the beach, either by towing it out to sea, or removing it to the tip with a crane and truck (which has been done a couple of times here in the last few years)… somebody came up with the idea (probably a cost saving one) of burying it… right on Cottesloe beach???... :?

- I think it was the following year a swimmer got taken by a shark at Cottesloe.
- A diver was taken near Gracetown a year or two later.
- About September/October last year there was another fatal attack at Gracetown.
- A couple of months ago a surfer was taken by a shark near Dunsborough, not far from Gracetown and only 200k’s “as the shark swims” from Cottesloe.
- A few weeks later a swimmer was taken at Cottesloe again.
- Then a couple of weeks later the diver was taken off Rottnest island… only 10’s from Cottesloe.

I think it’s the one rogue shark and that it returns to the area every year. Starting from the SW region and moving its way up the coast.

The Perth Metro-Mandurah area has probably 120km of beaches that are very heavily used for easily 7 or 8 months of the year, but the two attacks that have happened on beaches in this area have both been at Cottesloe, right where the whale was buried. Immediately adjacent to Cottesloe beach is Swanbourne, City Beach, Scarborough and Trigg… the most heavily frequented beaches on our coast, so it’s not a matter of numbers… I reckon the shark returns to Cottesloe every year because it remembers being attracted by the whale oil one year… and getting an easy feed when it couldn’t find the whale.

I think this shark now considers Gracetown and Cottesloe as convenient, drive-through take-aways on it's annual holiday up the coast.

Just my opinion.

Author:  krozbolt [ Nov 5th, '11, 00:57 ]
Post subject:  fishin

Also, they are calling for this shark(s) to be culled bit they have the technology to tag and track it by GPS. Kill one shark and be unsure if it was the same one. Track a shark and get a better idea of its movements throughout the season for the safety of everyone.

Back to light hearted jibes bout overfed sharks etc.

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