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Fly fishing on the port river
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Author:  BullwinkleII [ Feb 9th, '16, 22:29 ]
Post subject:  Fly fishing on the port river

I think I have caught a new obsession.

I went to a local fly fishing club meeting in December and again a few days ago. A member has kindly given me a few hundred bucks worth of gear to take home to see if it's for me before I commit to buying anything.

Thanks trusting universe.

He also gave me a couple of hours of tuition in a park.

Thanks park.

I love what this internet thing can do and offers the world. If only the rest of the world ran like the net... minus the get rich quick scams and the spam, and help desks. I spent 6 hours to 5am talking to help desk three nights ago so I'm still a little bitter.

But more importantly...

I took a fly to the water for the first time tonight at the port river on a marina just off grand junction road and got strikes from the small Bream.

Yay me!

I turns out you cant set a hook like a normal rod on a fly kit because it's too soft. I now recall John did mention that in the bit of the lesson that dealt with the retrieve.

Anyway... once again the internet has dropped the best of humanity at my feet, all for free, and all I did was show up.

Freakin' awesome as usual.

Thanks internet.

Thanks people named John.

Thanks again universe.

And I made a new bolt that can join 4 different metals in a salt water environment so my boat now has the frame for the solar panels.

Adventure awaits.

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