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Author:  BullwinkleII [ Apr 19th, '18, 10:07 ]
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[self moderated bone related joke]

Author:  boss [ Apr 19th, '18, 20:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

Talk about learning something new... I just found out Sea Monkeys are brine shrimp aka fish food.

Author:  BullwinkleII [ Apr 19th, '18, 21:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

boss wrote:
Talk about learning something new... I just found out Sea Monkeys are brine shrimp aka fish food.

That's why I was looking into them.

I found my fish seemed to get interested in duckweed after they had eaten some worms, and thought brine shrimp might be good. The ones I bought claimed to be up to 2cm long or something, but were just normal everyday sea monkeys.

Here is the odd history of the original product, the decline into the nonsense we can buy today, and everything else you might want to know about everything else of slight interest suitable for light travel education... ... onkeys.htm

We need a podcasts thread like the Ted Talks thread.

I've cured myself of my original Venting. Sometimes you just need to talk it out, and change the subject to Sea Monkeys!

Author:  earthbound [ May 7th, '18, 14:36 ]
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Argh.... More bad information being given out by someone running "courses". I thought twice about putting this here, but he bad mouths aquaponic forums as being sources of bad information so hey why not.

Was watching a video of his about fish stocking and thought everything was going fairly well, 1kg of fish to 50L of growbed, great, yes, doesn't matter about the size of the fish tank... :thumbright: But then at about 7 minutes in he points to his very cut down IBC system and suggests rather than putting in 2 fish to grow them up to 1kg each, put in 50 fingerling, then as they grow bigger you can eat them or sell them... :dontknow: :naughty:

Also those with an aversion to round pipes being called NFT, should not watch the NFT video....

Snails in aquaponics, great to add vegetarian snails to your system, to keep the algae down, then if they start to breed too much and get out of control, add a carnivorous snail to eat the other snails.. :think:

Perhaps I need to do his online course valued at over $1000US for only $197US to understand better..

Author:  boss [ Jul 30th, '18, 03:55 ]
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Good morning
Wow, what a world of difference rains make in our flora and fauna.
With the note about our receiving rain, I'd be remiss not to send our prayers and best wishes to the areas currently suffering with fires:
It is good to see mainstream media finally citing Global Warming as the cause of the global mayhem all life is experiencing.

Yesterday, Noam Chomsky was speaking on Democracy Now, providing a wealth of insight for humans living in these trying times:

While I am happy that media finally mentions climate change, a few facts in Chomsky's interview were chilling and his explanation of them was profound. After listing the facts, I will paraphrase Chomsky as best I can. For the entire exchange please see the video in the link above.

Mainstream Media Reported Facts
1. Trump's policy on immigration separated families from their children.
2. Children were caged and treated inhumanely.
3. There are hundreds of children who are still not reunited with their families.

Mainstream Media NON Reported Facts.
1. Donald Trump requested permission from Ireland to build a wall to protect his golf course from rising sea level.
2. He is completely aware of the present and inevitable preventable effects of global warming.
3. Trump claims Global Warming is "A Hoax."

Noam Chomsky points out that while Trump's immigration policy is "... brutal and sadistic on the family roots of immigration and the US responsibility in it, there is no word to describe the action of putting a few more dollars in the highly overstuffed pockets at the expense of the proven imminent danger to human life." Chomsky adds, "The word evil doesn't begin to approach it."

The real danger in a wall lies in the one Trump wants to build to protect his profits against global warming that he claims doesn't exist.

When asked his view on the immigration policy of removing children from their families Chomsky prioritizing global concerns. I'll try to quote Chomsky as best I can: "of all of Trump's policies, the one that is the most dangerous and destructive (in fact poses an existential threat) is his policies on Climate Change and Global Warming, that's really destructive, we're facing an imminent threat, not far removed of enormous damage. The effects are already visible, but nothing like what is going to come."
Chomsky goes on to say that as a linguist he is unable to find a word to describe a person willing to trade human existence for an even greater share of the planet's wealth."

As I work on improving my health I'm learning about food portions. Coming to you on the subject of what I eat, I need to mention I'm a peanut addict. In order to get a handle on an autoimmune disease I've been diagnosed (palindromic rheumatism)
The diet I'm on now is no gluten, no sugar, no dairy. In order to improve my microbiome we're dramatically increasing dietary fiber by eating 2 cups of vegetables in each meal. This was a profound realization for me, and huge thanks to my wife for supporting me making this possible.
Anyhow, it dawned on me that I should see how much nuts I eat in a day to get a handle on my food group portions :support:
I'll keep the elaborations minimalized here and tell you this is how I came to a better understanding of what goes into my mouth, the resulting effect on my health and where changes can be made. For example, I found that I have an immediate reaction of joint inflammation after consuming dairy of any type.
The interview on NPR with Noam Chomsky played an equally important part in my increasingly cynical outlook on life. I've spent a great deal of time and energy with my morning newsletter established in 1999 researching sustainable lifestyles and global human caused environmental issues.

After several years of sounding the alarm about Peak Oil and Climate Change, I began to wonder if l was alone in my concerns? Trump put a nail in my cynical coffin, by taking us out of the Paris Climate Talks and instead decommissioning our EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) by replacing scientists with fossil fuel industry hacks and directing his administration to deny climate change and anything that might deter the fossil-fuel industry from easy profit and zero accountability.

So Chomsky's words have profound meaning to me when he says,"... he is unable to find a word to describe a person willing to trade human existence for an even greater share of the planet's wealth.
People who follow me and my BMN (Brian's Morning Newsletter) have seen me speak out against deniers and people with gargantuan carbon footprints over the nearly two decades of BMNs. However since Trump got the Russians to steal the 2016 elections I've basically given up, as the onslaught of propaganda from the Ultra-right wing like the Koch brothers,
has permeated to the core of so many disenfranchised Americans.

For me, this gone far beyond tilting at windmills. I fell silent, else I'd be venomously attacked. The fragile state of my health could not bare that stress.

Author:  scotty435 [ Jul 30th, '18, 15:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

Easy to be cynical these days no matter which side of things you're on. I think that cynicism drives peoples inertia and saps their energy when they should be taking small steps to acheive larger things that only seem impossible and really aren't :thumbright:.

Author:  boss [ Jul 30th, '18, 23:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

For me, my cynicism is globally oriented, thank goodness I'm still quite active locally, but that doesn't do much about climate change. Perhaps it is time to bring my our biodiesel processor back online so we can at least use carbon neutral fuel in our vehicles once again.

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Author:  boss [ Jul 31st, '18, 00:01 ]
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Interesting talk on CO2 sequestration

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Author:  Terra [ Jul 31st, '18, 12:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

The ugly truth that of course no government can find a way to tax

Too many oxygen burning creatures

Planet is getting out of balance

There is a desperate panic to get coal out the ground and sell it before its worthless

Same with oil you would think that humans would be smart enough to start saving some for later on.

Sorry cant see solar powered jet planes

Ive done my bit last project before I sold my farm was a shelter belt / wildlife corridor 4500 tube stock linking remnant vegetation and a wetland .

From 1988 until 2013 easy 20000 tubestock and best guess 200000 in fenced off direct seeding areas

Plus probably half a million in fenced off areas , natural germination post bushfire.

Im planting 50 this week on my little property

With all of that I feel ive done my bit however humans are STILL clearing in excess of 8000 hectares a DAY

What ive done is not even a drop in the ocean

Some dill the other day came up with the latest brainwave to get rid of cows so we can have more humans

In ONE womans lifetime (Queen Elizabeth) the world population has doubled

Best place for carbon is in the soil where it can be used to grow food and fodder for our animals

Before humans had the ability to control fires to varying degrees big wildfires would have burnt for ages releasing enormous quantities of carbon all across the planet , nature just swallowed it up again.

The young people sooner or later will have to unite and sort this out they have the power through the stock market to force change.

Of course governments have invented all sorts of public revolution diverting systems like in Australia we have the "Hecs Debt" where young people don't have to repay their university debt until they start earning a big enough wage .

Interesting site

Vent over for now

Author:  boss [ Jul 31st, '18, 19:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

Thank you man. I appreciate you and all that you've done, although I'm dying to get a clearer mental image of " wildlife corridor 4500 tube stock"

Author:  dlf_perth [ Jul 31st, '18, 19:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

>> although I'm dying to get a clearer mental image of " wildlife corridor 4500 tube stock"

It is basically a paddock (field) of trees that is linear rather than square and links two patches of bush together.


he has a patch of bush and a wetland presumably with bush around it. These are considered isolated 'islands' for the critters that live in them - they are apart and the critters cannot mix or move around without crossing large bare areas - and thus a risk of becoming dinner etc.

A corridor is fenced between these to keep stock out and trees are planted. The tubestock are young trees in the plastic tube pots (hence 'tube-stock'). So he basically planted 4500 tree seedlings into the corridor. When the bush re-establishes the critters can move up and down within the new bush corridor. Good for keeping genetics within native populations, allowing safe migrations etc

common to fence off and plant along creeks/rivers etc as well to provide a new animal refuge and place for native critters to live, feed and breed etc. Typically you choose the plants to suit the animals/birds etc that are local.

It is still a big commitment for a landowner/farmer - so tip of the hat to Terra for his efforts.

Author:  boss [ Jul 31st, '18, 21:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

Oh cool thank you Darren. Wow! Yes, that is a huge amount of effort and for such a good cause too! Does the government provide aid for such projects? In the USA we have Soil Conservation Service a part of USDA to help with Riparian areas.
Our property has a 50 meter section of creek running through it I've been wanting to get their help, but currently the state of the Land Trust we live on is a bit muddied after my brother died. I still have hope we can do something before I get much older. It is so rewarding seeing these areas improve after the damage cattle have done over the years.

Author:  bellisima [ Aug 8th, '18, 12:28 ]
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I have annoyed my brother awhile, and he pissed me in return by letting the weasels out of the ferret cages. I need to clean the house for a couple of hours, and thank God for they did not break the mini aquarium in the living room.

Author:  MartinC [ Aug 8th, '18, 19:11 ]
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I might be very late on this but has closed down? I haven't been up to speed on my AP mail in a long time so I had a bunch of forum updates sitting in my inbox from some time ago. I started clicking on them and each one gave me a "404". It would be a bummer if it has closed down. I know that there seemed to be some tension between the forums but I had a few mates on there and they have in a way now disappeared from my universe which is kinda strange.


Author:  BullwinkleII [ Aug 28th, '18, 01:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Venting corner

[three pages of text self censored in the interest of... well... everyone who isn't me really (but mainly international relations, some religious stuff, and some stuff about my #$%& of a father)]

I cut it down to this utterly irrelevant bit that was there just for context...



Once I counted to one thousand seven hundred and fifty out loud, at work, next to a fellow worker as revenge for his musical taste.


The only music I dislike is Death Metal.

This post has taken nearly an hour

Thanks for listening.

I think it helped. :emoticon:

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