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Mobile phones
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Author:  Sleepe [ Sep 24th, '13, 16:30 ]
Post subject:  Mobile phones

ATM I have a DAF mobile phone, which may be used once a month.

I think I can get a mobile out of my provider (I have to talk to them) and juggling the plan for no extra (I probably will have to go on a 24mth plan, but since I have been with them a while I don't see this as a problem).

The problem is they only provide Samsung Galaxy's. Within my budget frame I can get a Galaxy 2 and save $5 a month or a Galaxy 3 and remain at what I am paying.

I doubt I will increase the talk usage much and it will only be used for useful (as in practical) apps eg car navigator, decibel meter etc. Internet use will be limited to the am I getting screwed on this purchase.

Does anyone have opinions on these phones? :)

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Sep 24th, '13, 16:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

If you're only going to save $5 a month anyway... either of the Samsung Galaxy's would be perfect... but I'd go the Galaxy 3 ...

Author:  Sleepe [ Sep 24th, '13, 16:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

Thank you Rupert:) , I don't so much worry these days about one off small capital expenditure but ongoing committed expenses give me a hard time.

Author:  Journeyman [ Sep 24th, '13, 16:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

I have the S3 - had it for a year. Had an opportunity to trade up to an S4 and didn't bother - the improvements weren't enough to make it worthwhile.

The S3 was a game changer for lots of reasons. Definitely go the S3 - you will be surprised at what you can do with it. e.g. I have a Toolbox that has compass, leveller, measure, protractor, vibrometer, magnetic field detector, altimeter, tracker, flashlight, converter, magnifier, calculator, abacus, counter, scoreboard, roulette, (tool? :D) code reader and mirror. Oh, also, stopwatch, timer and metronome. - and that's just one app. (free too)

Get a wallet style case and you can keep licence, credit card and cash in it an leave your wallet at home. Add a screen protector so when you eventually sell it the glass is pristine - the 2 of them will cost you maybe $15 total.

You can always buy one outright and simply get a microSIM from your provider and stick it in. It also takes a microSD memory card so you can store up to 64GB of files on there. If you do buy from (say) gumtree or ebay, ask them for the IMEI before paying so you can check at sites like to see if it is reported lost or stolen.

Author:  Sleepe [ Sep 25th, '13, 10:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

Thank you gentlemen, I am now the owner of a Galaxy 3 (when it arrives).
Evidently I had not updated my plan for a long time so now I get the phone, case car mount and charger 5x more broadband and I save $26 per month. :D

Could have had the Galaxy 4 but prefer the extra money.

Author:  Journeyman [ Sep 25th, '13, 10:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

If you happen to be a 'classic' type of person (ref: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) there's a superb forum at XDA Developers for all things S3.

Note for others: XDA Developers has extensive sections for almost every possible Android phone, including help, advice, rooting, ROM's and developers forums.

Author:  Sleepe [ Sep 25th, '13, 10:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

I will check it out but I have always regarded laptops and phones as toys. If the phone proves useful it will get a little attention. :)

Author:  vk3laj [ Sep 25th, '13, 11:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

iPhone all the way

Author:  Journeyman [ Sep 25th, '13, 12:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

vk3laj wrote:
iPhone all the way

I think that makes you a Romantic in Z&tAoMM :D

Author:  SuperVeg [ Sep 25th, '13, 19:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

Journeyman wrote:
I have the S3 - had it for a year. Had an opportunity to trade up to an S4 and didn't bother - the improvements weren't enough to make it worthwhile.

I had a quick look at the difference and the performance of the S4 was DOUBLE that of the S3..

no matter, I'm still using an S2 that was given to me after going through the washing machine. Had to replace a few PCBs and the camera, good as gold

Author:  Journeyman [ Sep 25th, '13, 19:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Mobile phones

Specs that say double tell lies. I have sat beside an S4 user in the pub and wow'ed him with performance on the same apps.

The S3 has a user base intent on developing the ROM and other parts (kernel and modem) far beyond what the original S3 arrived with. The S4 fails to match the growth seen for the S3 in the first months of release. I run my S3 on Android 4.3 ASOP, (& can download Kang or nexus ROM's or a variety of stock and modified Samsung ones) configged to perform AND save battery. I have most of the S4 features active (and none of the ones I don't want) and didn't have to pay the higher price for the S4 when it came out.

Current S4 price is about $539 for the cheapest, down in just a few months from over $800. The S3, more than a year old is still selling for $359 at the cheapest... Telling figures to me. Samsung have crashed the price of the S4 because people are still buying the S3.

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