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Tadpoles and frogs...
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Author:  ferozaj [ Nov 4th, '13, 20:16 ]
Post subject:  Tadpoles and frogs...


I have a big tub which i grow duckweed in for the koi.

I wouldnt be exaggerating or lieing if i said it has about 300+ tadpoles in it.

Im wondering whats going to happen when they all grow up..i dont really want 200 frogs around my place. I only have a small backyard with no grass..

Will they just disperse or should i 'cull' some of them now..

I dont mind some as they will eat the mossies and the wrigglers in the still water.

Does anyone want them for any reason? eg feed barra etc?

Author:  gazza [ Nov 4th, '13, 20:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tadpoles and frogs...

Well I had a few too many beverages down at the wave rock festival and discovered at three in the morning they taste ok. Probably better with some garlic and butter in retrospect. :eat:

Author:  ferozaj [ Nov 4th, '13, 21:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tadpoles and frogs...

fry em up aye..probably enough for a meal too

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