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mineralization tank results
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Author:  coachchris [ Aug 27th, '14, 03:10 ]
Post subject:  mineralization tank results

After appx 72 hours. PH- 7.6, ammonia- 2ppm, Nitrates 2-3ppm
normal water is at PH- 7.6, ammonia- 3-4 ppm, zero nitrates. If I leave it longer, will it change? Thought with all the fish crap in the bucket and all the extra oxygen, it would do something more then that. I did get a reading, but was expecting higher Nitrates.

Author:  Sleepe [ Aug 27th, '14, 07:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: mineralization tank results


As far as I am aware offline mineralisation is to make other nutrients available eg potassium etc. Most of the ammonia excreted by fish would go straight into the FT water. :)

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