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NT MEMBERS Solar Power
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Author:  ccBear [ Oct 29th, '14, 13:46 ]
Post subject:  NT MEMBERS Solar Power

My mate in HD is thinking of putting solar power in and is not sure who to use. If you are in the Top End and have solar power can you please answer a couple of questions. If you do not want to post here then please PM me, cheers

Who was your installer and were you happy with the installation?

Brand and size of panels and inverter ?

What size system did you install?

What was the quoted price before rebates?

Does the NT government pay unit rebate?

Thank you. Bear

Author:  Gwydion [ Oct 30th, '14, 20:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: NT MEMBERS Solar Power

I have heard they are all shocking... From drilling multiple times through cladding and flashing to find the shortest way instead of using the existing roof space as told by the owner. That was experience from my concreter but no first hand experience from me.

I looked into prices for a co-worker, he got quoted $80k for a 30kw system for his farm (mangoes and castle / walk in fridges etc.). He would get a $20k rebate. Installation cost in the quote was$3k. I could get all the parts for $55k and he would set everything up and get an electrical contractor to make the connections. The problem is you only get the rebate if you have the signature from a certified solar installer which means he would pay the same whether he installs it himself or gets it installed. The only one making profit 20k plus margin on the parts because i think they get better prices than i do are the solar companies.

My 2c... ;-)

Author:  ccBear [ Oct 31st, '14, 01:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: NT MEMBERS Solar Power

Thanks mate and you are right, he was quoted $20K for a 5 Kva system and that was with the rebate. The mob down here who done mine are advertising $5975 fully installed with the rebate. Cheers

Author:  Gwydion [ Oct 31st, '14, 11:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: NT MEMBERS Solar Power

In all the ads up here it says 11k for a 4.5kva system installed and including the building permit. Maybe your mate needs some modifications to the roof.

Author:  ccBear [ Oct 31st, '14, 11:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: NT MEMBERS Solar Power

Just had his roof upgraded and re sheeted, will be talking to him tonight and find out the latest

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