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Happy Birthdays!!!
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Author:  steve [ Jul 19th, '06, 23:38 ]
Post subject:  Happy Birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday, EB!

Are you pulling a few fish out for a BBQ?

Having a hobby like this is cool, when people ask what i want for my birthday i can say "two lengths of PVC and a sump pump" :shock:

Have a great day.


Author:  Dave Donley [ Jul 20th, '06, 03:43 ]
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We should ship him our dead fish, wrapped in little bows.

Author:  Aquaddict [ Jul 20th, '06, 03:44 ]
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I know! I got a water heater!

Happy Birthday Joel!

Author:  monya [ Jul 20th, '06, 07:08 ]
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Q: What do you want for your birthday Joel?

A: A 10 kilo bag of native pellets please!!

Have a good one EB

Author:  aquamad [ Jul 20th, '06, 08:45 ]
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and a do meter, and a new submersable pump, and heaters, and a([glow=red]censored[/glow])... :shock:
:occasion4: Hope ya have a grrrr-8 day :occasion4:
:mrgreen: :occasion7:

Author:  earthbound [ Jul 20th, '06, 20:00 ]
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Thanks peoples...... :D

Author:  steve [ Jul 20th, '06, 21:39 ]
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And happy birthday to you too nick! you're still a young'in :) Gee that used to shit me when people only 5 years older said that to me when i was 24 :)

Surely your mates must tink you're mad being into this aquaponics thing?

My mates still cant grasp the concept that you could possible grow a fish to plate size within a year...... :shock:
Have a great day

Author:  earthbound [ Jul 20th, '06, 21:54 ]
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Plate size in 12 months........? bugger that, 6 months.... :D

I've give up on what most of my friends think, if I had listened to other people I would never have done anything.... :D

Author:  johnnie7au [ Jul 20th, '06, 22:09 ]
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Happy Birthday Joel!

Author:  GotFish? [ Jul 21st, '06, 00:01 ]
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If it's not to late, Happy B-Day! I beat ya by about 5 days. Dang yer getting old EB. Thanks for the site and best wishes. :hello1:

Author:  monya [ Jul 21st, '06, 06:10 ]
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Happy birthday Nick!

I don't know about everyone else, but every time someone knocks the idea of aquaponics, and laughs instead of listens, it makes me want to do it more, and prove it works, then who will be laughing...

Author:  aquamad [ Jul 21st, '06, 08:14 ]
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so right... and I don't even have a large system to prove it to them, but what I have is being watched now by numerious people as I have not been very subtle as to how narrow minded they are being whan they knock the idea!

Author:  nick [ Jul 21st, '06, 08:20 ]
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thank you all for the birthday wishes, my mates stopped listening to me talk about my hobbies when I got into the birds let alone the snake and mice and home brew and I don't think I have even told them abou the aquaponics. I think it is now consuming as much backyard space as the birds, but i never worry about what others think I look at my plants growing, which I have never been able to successfully due in the ground, and that is all I need. Also the girlfriend likes the fresh veges so that is a great help. :) :)

Author:  Joyce [ Jul 21st, '06, 10:29 ]
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Happy Birthday Joel and Nick. Hope you had a great one


Author:  Jaymie [ Aug 29th, '06, 12:16 ]
Post subject:  Happy Birthday

Just noticing who is on-line and all the rest of the stuff, so I felt the need to say...
Always good to wake up for another year!

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