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Author:  Deuem [ May 6th, '16, 20:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Snails

Scotty, All I can find out so far is that it is a white koi carp. The koi carps all have particular names if they have special colors. Mine is 100% white. Most likely started in Japan and now raised in China. I have had white ones before so I guess they are either rejects or easy to find. The more colors with koi, the more they cost. As a baby it was only 5 bucks. All the Kois are inside and the goldfish and white Koi carps are bought off the street in Big pans of fish. So the only thing really special about it is that it is ours and we have many hours of fun watching it do strange things.

Since the white ones with a red patch on the head are worth a lot more money, I guess we have a reject fish from the breeders.

Next time I am there I will look for the other colored Koi Carps or see if one has a red patch on its head. For all I know maybe all the stores sell baby kois at this price. There are so many Koi farms around that the rejects must mount into the thousands of fish to get rid of.

Author:  scotty435 [ May 6th, '16, 22:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Snails

Sounds like it's a Koi but is this the only one you have that eats snails or do other Koi do this as well (you can tell I don't have Koi :wink: )?

Author:  Deuem [ May 7th, '16, 08:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Snails

Scotty, it is the only Koi in the tank. If by chance a snail dies or gets opened by another fish, everything will eat it but then I have an empty shell in the tank. As far as I can tell the white Koi Carp ate and digested the entire snail. Maybe after his stomach is done sucking it all out of the shell, he will eject it to the tank. It has been a few days and no shell yet. I saw him go after another one but it was too large. I will have to collect some smaller ones for him.

Author:  Deuem [ May 7th, '16, 12:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Snails

This is as close of a photo I can get. It is off the net. Mine is just like this one except no red spot on the head.


Credit to Warren Photographic

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