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system filtration
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Author:  giljones [ Jun 4th, '18, 08:34 ]
Post subject:  system filtration

I have a swirl filter draining into a bio filter. Would there be any advantage in adding a clarifying drum inline to my sump. I am trying to improve the water quality. Thank you for your support, Gil

Author:  scotty435 [ Jun 5th, '18, 01:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: system filtration

I think the lack of answers is an indication that there isn't enough information about the system and what's in it along with the overall setup :dontknow: . Even with that it might be difficult to say. I'd also like to know if this sump feeds media based grow beds, DWC or NFT (or anything else).


Author:  earthbound [ Jun 5th, '18, 06:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: system filtration

Yes, how big is your system?

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