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Wow, man, nice pad you got here....
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Author:  christopher [ Mar 13th, '06, 13:47 ]
Post subject:  Wow, man, nice pad you got here....

Hallo Joel,

Just thought I'd come over and say hello.... Nice place ya got here.....

Dude, um, where are my little buddies? :wav: No self respecting aquaponics :wav: enthussiast can post without his entourage of obediant emoticons, ready to do the wave at the mere mention of, um, well, that word...


Author:  earthbound [ Mar 13th, '06, 17:15 ]
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ok, ok, I see the problem... I'll try and get those little waving guys signed up to this board so that you can talk.... :D

Author:  maclee [ Mar 13th, '06, 20:32 ]
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Hi Joel,

Fantastic! You offer so much support with aquaponics - it really is encouraging for the novice with no experience with fish (aside from eating them) and makes success with aquaponics seem achievable!

We're planning on buying your book soon and experimenting with aquaponics - so are thrilled to bits you've set up this site and expect to enjoy following it.



Author:  earthbound [ Mar 13th, '06, 20:42 ]
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Thanks for the kind words Ree. I hope to turn this into a wealth of information to help people in designing and building their own systems. It may take a little while to build up the info, but with lots of people contributing new ideas, it will get there...

Thanks for signing up, stay tuned.... :D

Author:  christopher [ Mar 14th, '06, 12:42 ]
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Ree, you are going to love the book. The DVD/CD is also outstanding in every regard (down to the piano).

Dr J, when you going to come up with an aquaponics :wav: logo to replace the phpbb icon up there upper left corner?


Author:  earthbound [ Mar 14th, '06, 13:43 ]
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Working on it at the moment C...

I have gained much respect for DtM, and everything he has done on his discussion group, just getting the extra emoticons was an effort for me, much work and many late nights ahead I feel...

Big up for Dan..... :notworthy:

Author:  maclee [ Mar 14th, '06, 22:16 ]
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I had you pegged as a fan by now, Chris :wink: - It was some of your rave posts that initially caught my attention and prompted me to look a little closer actually!!

You paying him commission, Joel?


Author:  earthbound [ Mar 14th, '06, 22:22 ]
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Nup....... I have wondered though..... But he just seems to love of it....... :D :D :D :D :D :D

Author:  Guest [ Mar 16th, '06, 04:07 ]
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Hello Joel

Yes it is a thankless job moderating a forum...but it will pay off for you in the long run - an excellent marketing tool!! But don't get disheartened if there aren't 1000's of people joining up at first, or buying books at first, its rather a snowball effect. The ALS site had about 30 members for 4 months and then it shot to 5 times that amount in about 6 weeks after Xmas, word of mouth is a powerful thing....

sprite :)

Author:  earthbound [ Mar 17th, '06, 07:23 ]
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Thanks Sprite.... :D :D :D

Author:  Guest [ Mar 18th, '06, 04:28 ]
Post subject: 

good luck with the site, Joel.

Author:  Guest [ Mar 18th, '06, 23:14 ]
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Hi Joel and Spritegal,

Good point on the way ALS took off. I wasn the 37th member, some time in December when I was ready for a more fostering place than I found elsewhere, and that place has taken off!

Anyway, Dr J, all I have to say is that we can all now go and play, hooked on aquaponics, (listening top Kevin Bloody Wilson on stereophnics), wikki, wikki, >fresh< Um... yes. Glad to see this place!


Author:  Guest [ Mar 19th, '06, 14:56 ]
Post subject:  Testing

This is just a test to see if I'm myself yet, as I appear to have an evil twin who has taken my name.


Waaaaaaaa! It still says that my user name is taken!

Author:  Cornonthecob [ Mar 31st, '19, 12:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wow, man, nice pad you got here....

What ever happened to he still going in Belize

Author:  earthbound [ Apr 1st, '19, 07:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wow, man, nice pad you got here....

What every happened to Corny....? :) You should win a prize for oldest thread rejuvenation, 13 years, well done.

Yep, big C is still living in the jungle running permaculture courses.

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