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PostPosted: Sep 11th, '17, 19:59 

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Hi guys,
Newbie here again.
My DWC based AP system is running on rooftop and its day 9.

My system specs:

3 x 30 sqFt DWC 1Ft deep , total 90 sqFt grow Area
500L fish tank with 90-120 fingerlings.
A 180L of RFF system
500L of sump tank ( Its just another modified DWC; since I am on roof top, its very difficult to build bigger
I also have an overhead tank of 300L.
The pump pulls water to the over head tank from the sump and takes 10 min to fill up.

My split water supply is as follows:
Overhead Tank > Fish Tank > RFF System>Biofilter Systems>SUMP
Overhead Tank > DWC1 > DWC2 > DWC3 > SUMP

Now I don't have any measure of how much water is flowing through each loop but collectively its almost 1000L/hr.

For aeration I am not using any extra air pumps, just relying on the forced flow of the pipes which makes water to mix with air and get oxygenated.

I am facing few problems now, too much dust from air are accumulating in my system since the system is on a city rooftop.
This is probably making the system dynamics unstable. I don't know how to troubleshoot this.

Most importantly, my fish are not happy, 3 of them died today.
I am trying to investigate what is going wrong with the system but I don't have a DO meter or ammonia/nitrate testing kit available in my local, so I am almost blind about these numbers.

My findings so far: the water is looking clear and It must be something with the DO/ammonia/nitrate or may be pH.
I have ordered a pH meter which I expect to receive tomorrow.

Can you anyone help how do I troubleshoot the situation?
Thanks in advance.

Also what do you recommend for a proper bio filter system?
I just have added some surface materials for growing bacteria.

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PostPosted: Sep 11th, '17, 21:34 
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A posting God
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Did you cycle the system properly - as you haven't been checking ammonia/nitrates etc gather this is probably = no.
" its day 9" << probably way too soon to add large number of fish.

So "500L fish tank with 90-120 fingerlings." is probably a classic case of fish overload.

Suspect that you have warm water temps, ammonia and a problem (now or later) no matter how much bio-filtration you put in.

You will need extra aeration (oxygen) if it is a cycling issue and your water is warm.

what type of fish ?

you may need to look at some form of greenhouse plastic/membrane over your setup to deal with your dust issue. Shade cloth would simply collect the dust.

Perhaps post some pictures of your setup - instructions here (top 2 threads in list) viewforum.php?f=4

If you want to run a primarily DWC and drum filter based setup check out Andreas thread (DasBoot) > viewtopic.php?f=18&t=16235
Similarly climate situation to you. You probably want to go the the middle pages (pg60 or so) and work towards the back.

Darren ( dlf_perth )

May the fish sh*t and the plants grow.....

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