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BYAP Shop and Display Centre Open Now
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Author:  Outbackozzie [ Dec 28th, '07, 17:45 ]
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yes joel - sell hydroton, pumps, pvc piping - one stop shop in perth would be great - how about selling small quantities of fish like sp etc?

Author:  Lungy [ Dec 28th, '07, 19:20 ]
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Just got home from the opening(half cut)it all went along swimmingly with the highlight from Tony from west oz stacking it off his chair.Missed the pic unfortunately.

Author:  veggie boy [ Dec 28th, '07, 19:51 ]
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Do you go by yourself Lungy - or did you drag the Mrs along?

Author:  Lungy [ Dec 28th, '07, 19:56 ]
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Sent the missus down south with the kids I`m joining them tomorrow.
Get to enjoy the peace & quiet for a night at least.:)

Author:  TimC [ Dec 28th, '07, 21:18 ]
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Damn... I missed it... Got stuck in traffic... got home and forgot all about it...

I always miss the fun... Don't worry EB I will be around there as soon as I can manage, hopefully leaving with some of that gear of yours... ;)

Author:  faye [ Dec 29th, '07, 07:25 ]
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Well the shop is officially open. Joel popped the cork on a bottle of french champagne and christened the bbq with snags, trout andbarra woohooo! Roll on 2008 its' going to be a huge year with expenential growth expected in the aquaponics field, so hang on yo' all and enjoy the ride. (That is my prediction anyway.)

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French champagne.jpg
French champagne.jpg [ 120.21 KiB | Viewed 3696 times ]

Author:  Jaymie [ Dec 29th, '07, 07:28 ]
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Author:  faye [ Dec 29th, '07, 07:29 ]
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I actually thought the highlight was watching Joels friends, who don't use the forum and didn't know about his elf christams message, watching it and laughing their heads off. Sorry Joel, but please show us the pics?

Author:  steve [ Dec 29th, '07, 12:19 ]
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can i get a vial of than french champers for my system?

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Dec 29th, '07, 14:28 ]
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Joel (beer in hand) has the same look on his face as when he was walking past the flower garden :lol:

Author:  steve [ Dec 29th, '07, 15:14 ]
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"maintain eye contact with the french chanpers..................back away slowly"


Author:  bio-farmer [ Dec 29th, '07, 18:55 ]
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sorry i couldn't get along eb and crew. things are pretty full on atm.

sure hope you had a good open day. hope you you enjoy the transition and it works well for you. i wish both you and Faye the best for a prosperous business. with your minds put together your a frightening outfit. i mean that in the most positive of ways. at the end of the day its about putting food on the table for the family and you certainly do that, in many ways.

bring back the power to the people.

keep it up.

see ya round.

Author:  Tony From West Oz [ Dec 29th, '07, 22:26 ]
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I did manage to traverse from seated to laying on my back without spilling a drop of my beer. I then rapidly resumed an erect posture to escape the ignominy of a photograph of my horizontal status being posted on the forum.

Well done Joel, Faye and crew, the Barra and Trout were delicious.
The elves were a treat for those who hadn't seen them before

All the best for the official opening.
Happy New Year,

Author:  johnnie7au [ Dec 29th, '07, 22:59 ]
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Likewise ...

Well done Joel ... Faye ... and the crew...

See you soon!

Later this week I am hoping to get someways along the path to getting the school indoor pond / growbeds and aquariums ready.

I have loads of ideas .. there is so much potential ... too little time, no money!

Anyway, I have a few ideas I hope to try ...

Best wishes for a great NYE

I hope 2008 works for you exponentially.

Author:  Dave Donley [ Dec 29th, '07, 23:05 ]
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Happy New Year, best of luck and congratulations EB!


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