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Author:  aqualover [ Aug 12th, '11, 19:24 ]
Post subject:  New Aquaponics wiki

Hi all!

I know it's not an original idea, but after searching around in the existing wikis I decided to start my own.

The existing ones I saw, were either dead (not one edit in months) or don't have content under an explicitely stated free license, which is most important to me as a free software and open content evangelist. :wink:

At first I created the wiki to learn about aquaponics. Think of it as a personal sketchpad. But being a (hopefully) good wikipedian I also aimed at a public wiki to collect knowledge, data and experience together and that means with you :wave:

Hey, that's what we do here in the forum, but most of you know that in forums, valuable knowledge sinks into the "sump" sooner or later. That's where a wiki jumps in as a site for collectively edited reference information. In a forum-post, linking to a wikipage avoids writing down redundant information, and wikipages link to other, older forum-posts in their context, that'd you otherwise only find with a good search term, if you know the right one.

Take a look at the wiki-construction sites here:

It's not finished yet (well, a wiki is never finished right?) but I hope you like it.

If you do, consider to add to it either by enhancing existing pages, correcting errors or by creating new pages. You don't even have to sign in, just klick an "edit"-link and start!

At the moment a great deal of the content is adapted wikipedia content, as this is the easiest part, but the AP-Wiki is not going to be a WP-Clone.

A successful wiki is a team effort and this can only be a start. I will continue to work on the project, but can't do all the work alone... Would be really great if a helping hand shows up... :cheers:

Tell me what you think...

Cheers! Markus

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Aug 13th, '11, 11:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Aquaponics wiki

Wow... so now there's even different versions of "wiki"... not just different "aquaponics wikis"...

Author:  aqualover [ Aug 13th, '11, 16:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Aquaponics wiki

Hi Rupe!

It's just a matter of personal preference. I think one can live perfectly happy in "wikitown" without considering the little differences :)

Speaking for me, I don't really like wikis that require username and password just to correct a spelling error. I think the barrier to contribute should be as low as possible.
The licensing issue in a nutshell: Wikipedia and Wikia (Aquaponics hoster) use the CC-BY-SA license. Everybody may use the content for anything, as long as the user doesn't claim ownership and the original author is mentioned.
That's important to me as I don't want to find (wikipedia-)texts I have written or contributed to in a bookshop without my (user-)name being mentioned :upset:

I avoid wikis with unclear or inappropriate licensing.

:wave: Markus

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Aug 13th, '11, 18:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Aquaponics wiki

So what stops this "wiki" from being spammed.. and/or bastardised... by all and sundry???

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